Dangers In The Middle East: Erdogan And Turkey’s Rise

So I figured there should be a series on this because there’s plenty of dangers and they are all part of a beautiful harmony with each playing its own special part to usher in a new generation of trouble for the world.

This round goes to Turkey, where The Third Reich is fast becoming the model for good governance.

Robert Ellis brings the words:

Turkey’s President Erdogan has referred to Hitler’s Germany as a model for a new presidential system, but this should come as no surprise.

Totalitarian leaders of the 20th century were known variously as Der Führer (Germany), Il Duce (Italy), Generalissimo (Spain) and El Maximo Lider (Cuba) and now neo-Ottoman Turkey has its Reis (leader), Recep Tayyip Erdogan. There will even be a Turkish film about Erdogan with the same title.

After the defeat of Ottoman Turkey in the First World War, Turkish general Mustafa Kemal and his fellow nationalists laid the foundations of a modern, secular republic in 1923, but this process has gradually been reversed since Erdogan and his AKP (Justice and Development Party) came to power in 2002.

The AKP came to power with the promise of clean governance but before long it was business as usual with an amnesty to cover tax fraud and an amended public procurement law to render state tenders opaque.

The AK party set out to redress the imbalance created by Atatürk’s reforms and restore the role of religion in public life. Both the preamble and Article 24 of Turkey’s secular constitution stipulate that no one shall be allowed to exploit religion for the purpose of personal or political influence, but nevertheless this is what they have done.

Four years ago Erdogan stated that it was the AK party’s aim to raise a religious generation, and this is what they are well on their way to doing. There has been an explosive increase in the budget allocated to the Religious Affairs Directorate and in the number of Koran courses. Religious high schools (imam-hatip schools) also play a major role in the AKP’s plans to transform Turkish society.

In 2002 they had 60,000 students but now there are more than one and a half million. Originally planned to train imams, they are intended to provide the cadres for “the new Turkey”. President Erdogan is himself an imam-hatip graduate and their alumni hold key posts in the administration.

The gradual control by the AKP government of all aspects of Turkish society resembles Nazi Germany’s policy of ‘Gleichschaltung’ (coordination). Like Hitler’s elimination of Ernest Röhm and his Brownshirts, Erdogan has turned on his former ally, Fehullah Gülen, a Turkish cleric resident in Pennsylvania, and his followers in the Hizmet (‘service’) movement.

In 2007 the Turkish military declared themselves to be “the absolute defenders of secularism”, but with the support of members of the Gülen community in the police and judiciary Erdoğan crushed military and secular opposition in a series of show trials. However, the revelations of large-scale government corruption two years ago led to accusations by Erdogan of “a judicial coup” by the Gülen movement, which has led to a purge of thousands of police officers, judges and prosecutors, who Erdogan claimed formed “a parallel state”.

Like the Nazi ‘Sondergerichte’ (special courts), specially authorized courts were established to deal with the AKP government’s political opponents, but these have been replaced by special criminal courts, where extensive authority is granted to single judges. This move is part of a restructuring of the legal system, which has strengthened the government’s control of the judiciary.

A symbiotic relationship has also developed between Erdogan, the AK party and the business world with a system of “crony capitalism”, where companies are awarded lucrative contracts in return for donations to, for example, the Youth and Education Service Foundation (TÜRGEV), where Erdogan’s son Bilal sits on the board.

Consequently, companies that do not toe the line are made to feel the government’s wrath. In 2009 the Dogan Media Group, Turkey’s largest, was hit by two massive tax fines after coverage of corruption in AKP circles, and Bank Asya, which was connected to the Gülen movement, and the Ipek Media Group have been taken over by the government. There is also an ongoing purge of journalists, academics and anyone critical of Erdogan’s regime, who are denounced as traitors.

The main threat to Erdoğan’s rule is Turkey’s faltering growth together with the increase in unemployment and inflation. There is also the blowback from Syria as a result of Turkey’s ideologically determined support of groups such as ISIS and al-Nusra Front. In addition, Erdogan’s hateful rhetoric and an escalating war against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) now threaten to split Turkey and leave the country permanently divided.



EU Demands Labels For Israeli Products, Making Good Progress At Emulating Nazis

Imagine what you would see in the media if the West started labelling products based upon whether they were made by Muslims or non-Muslims.

The outrage would be deafening!

Well, prepare yourself for nothing but total agreement from the media as the EU decides that products need to be labeled according to whether they were made in occupied Israel (Golan Heights and the West Bank) or free Israel (anywhere terrorists don’t get to roam freely in Israel).

The European Union recently decided that all Israeli products from the West Bank and the Golan Heights need to be given a special label. Britain, Belgium and Denmark already affix labels to Israeli goods, differentiating between those from Israel proper and those that come from the Jordan Valley in the West Bank (particularly fruit and vegetables). Now, all 28 EU member states will have to apply the same labeling.

The EU says the labeling is needed because the land Israel has “occupied” since the 1967 Six-Day War is not part of the internationally recognized borders of Israel.

Israeli leaders from both the left and the right have denounced the regulation. “I vigorously oppose this harmful and unnecessary move,” Isaac Herzog, head of the Zionist Camp (formerly, the Labor Party) declared. “It serves only one purpose—the continuation of hate and conflict in the area. Labeling products is a violent act of extremists who want to worsen the situation even more.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the labeling requirement by banning the European Union from playing any role in the Middle East peace process. Netanyahu wants time to reassess Europe’s role involving Israel’s affairs. He made that response because he knows the EU is using the labeling requirement to apply pressure on his nation.

The EU might have justification for its decision if the same logic had been used with all of its trading partners. There are no plans for European shoppers to see Tibetan products labeled “Made in Chinese-Occupied Tibet” or “Made in Turkish-Occupied Cyprus.” Nor will they see tags on items imported from the more than 200 disputed territories worldwide. The only single country with its products unfairly branded by region is the nation of Israel.

There is nothing new to the EU’s effort singling out the Jewish State. This same pattern of anti-Semitism characterized by the labeling of Jewish goods goes back 2,000-years. The horror of the Holocaust started with shops in Nazi Germany being painted with stars of David.

For decades Japan has asked Russia to return the Kuril islands which were captured during the closing days of World War II. Russia has refused all diplomatic attempts by Japan to reclaim the Islands. There is no ongoing UN effort to convince Russia to return to the Kuril Islands to Japan. But if Israel decides to build a wall in the West Bank, the world community always insists on sticking its nose in the matter.

The more I read about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), which argues that Israel is an apartheid stat, the more I recognize it as a satanic attack on the Jewish state. The dispute is not about land or rights, it’s about a burning hatred of Israel.

Marsha Levine, a Cambridge University researcher and expert on the domestication of horses, reportedly received a letter from a 13-year-old Israeli girl seeking help with a school assignment on horses. Levine sent back a prickly response saying, “I’ll answer your questions when there is peace and justice for Palestinians in Palestine.”

Levine continued, “I am a member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians. I support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. You might be a child, but if you are old enough to write to me, you are old enough to learn about Israeli history and how it has impacted on the lives of Palestinian people. Maybe your family has the same views as I do, but I doubt it. So, I suggest that you look at this link: (http://jfjfp.com).”

I find it amazing that the BDS movement is able to advance in the face all these terror attacks coming from Arabs. Jews are being stabbed in the streets of Israel, and other people are being slaughtered by gunfire in a host of nations. Having seen the ugliness of the Islamic world, I think we should be apologizing to Israel for questioning why they want to isolate themselves from these Palestinian savages. Unfortunately, Islam remains the Teflon religion, and the Jews are always the ones held responsible and taken to task for the outbreak of violence.

There is no mystery to why God’s chosen people are being treated unfairly. The earliest books of the Bible plainly warn that the Jews would suffer relentless persecution at the hands of many nations:

“And among those nations you shall find no rest, and there shall be no resting place for the sole of your foot; but there the Lord will give you a trembling heart, failing of eyes, and despair of soul” (Deuteronomy 28:65).

When Jesus said “ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake” (Matthew 24:9), I take that prophetic language to mean not only Christians, but also Jews in all nations will face boiling hatred. Jews will face extreme persecution during the seven-year Tribulation. The growing blatant hatred against Jews shows how close we are to that time.

“But if from thence thou shalt seek the Lord thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul. When thou art in tribulation, and all these things are come upon thee, even in the latter days, if thou turn to the Lord thy God, and shalt be obedient unto his voice” (Deuteronomy 4:29-30).

Adolf would be proud.

Tony Abbott: “All Cultures Are Not Equal” 

So true.

And I know that everyone agrees with this statement because I just can’t find anyone who will make the case for equality between life under the Third Reich and life in Australia today.

Given that Islam has killed far more than the Nazis ever did (240,000,000 versus 50,000,000 respectively and that’s only if you lump all the war dead together, both in Europe and The Pacific, at the feet of the Nazis).

On the topic of Tony Abbott’s bold and perfectly accurate statement though, man is he right!

You can tell because the mainstream media is trying to tear him to pieces, much like when he was Prime Minister. 

Some things never change!

Unfortunately, Abbott’s underlying understanding of Islam is seemingly as deeply flawed as everyone else in denial about the long doctrinal and historical record of Islam, as well will get to.

Here’s the report:

 Former prime minister Tony Abbott has called for a “religious revolution” inside Islam, declaring “all cultures are not equal”.

Key points:

Tony Abbott says Muslims must reform Islam

Abbott says a tolerant culture is preferable to one that kills in name of God

Former PM also defends 2014 budget policies

Abbott to further discuss Islam and extremism in speech in Singapore tonight

In a wide-ranging interview with Sky News, Mr Abbott also defended some of the most controversial measures from the 2014 federal budget, which put forward billions of dollars in cuts from health, education and foreign aid.

On Islam, he said: “We’ve got to work closely with live-and-let-live Muslims because there needs to be, as president [Abdel Fattah] Al-Sisi of Egypt has said, a religious revolution inside Islam.”

“All of those things that Islam has never had — a Reformation, an Enlightenment, a well-developed concept of the separation of church and state — that needs to happen.

“But we can’t do it; Muslims have got to do this for themselves. But we should work with those who are pushing in that direction.

“All cultures are not equal and, frankly, a culture that believes in decency and tolerance is much to be preferred to one which thinks that you can kill in the name of God, and we’ve got to be prepared to say that.”

Mr Abbott will make a speech in Singapore tonight and will further discuss Islam and extremism.

There’s at least a great point in there but I cannot stress this any more than by using capital letters:


You may know Classical antiquity as that place we call “The Islamic World” but the fact is that it was once the home of Western civilisation.

To clarify, Muslims sacked the place and forced its women into sex slavery.

So who really wants to see Islam reform?

Islamic State is the reformation of Islam and people don’t seem to like all the rape, crucifixions, torture and brutal murdering taking place!

If you though Islam was lukewarm Muslims who look and behave like atheist, please reconsider just how stupid that sounds.

Westerners are so self-absorbed with their own narcissistic nihilism that their first assumption is that all other peoples, cultures, and religions must want to be exactly like them.

Guess what?! They don’t!

Real Muslims want to look like Mohammed, just as real Christians want to look like Jesus.

And neither of them, though polar dichotomies, were atheists.

Reform Islam and you make your enemy much more dangerous.

Germany Was Groomed For The Holocaust By Evolution And Social Darwinism

Many in the West argue that murdering children through abortion is “a woman’s right”. Ask school aged children and you will find a large proportion are totally accepting of this excuse and some will admantly defend this heinous crime as morally sound.

Our society did not always believe this and so we need to understand how it is that we have come to willingly participate in the murder of approximately one fifth of the entire living human race  in the last century (yes, about one and a half billion people dead!)

Likewise, we should understand that Germany didn’t up and decide to gas millions of Jews and other undesirables on a whim – they were prepared by a century of philosophical indoctrination.

The doctrine in question is Darwinian evolution – the unproven idea that all life came from one form of life – and it’s logical social implication was that not all animals are equal: namely, white animals are superior.

This led the German nation under the leadership of avid naturalist Adolf Hitler down the road of eugenics – the improvement of humanity and the removal of the undesirable – which involved the murder of children, the disabled, and anyone who didn’t make the classification of “superior”, including but not limited to the Jews.

So while Martin Luther and others had given the Germans religious reasoning to dislike the Jews (through a false understanding of the bible – keep in mind Jesus is a Jew and therefore not so big on promoting anitsemetism), it was naturalism, evolution, social Darwinism, and eugenics that offered “scientific” reasoning for the extermination of the “sub-human” Jews.

The recent video from Creation Ministries International explores this process and its consequences:

The Death Knell Of Planned Parenthood? Sure Hope So!

Planned Parenthood was always a disgusting and despicable organisation.

Now, a few more people know about it. Naturally, the pro-murder mainstream media are squirming as they try to avoid covering this horrific news and it’s nice to know, especially since they devote most of their resources to cultural subversion and general lies.

Apparently the story is just gaining momentum though and Bill Muehlenberg’s recent article The Ongoing Implosion of Planned Parenthood makes some powerful commentary on this matter:

Call it what you will, Planned Barrenhood or Banned Parenthood, the last few weeks have been a bit rough for the world’s largest baby killing organisation. Indeed, this is a story that keeps on giving. The group that videoed the diabolical dealings of PP, the Center for Medical Progress, have now released a second – and equally damning – video.
It keeps getting worse and worse. The new video shows a senior PP official haggling over the prices of fetal body parts. Toward the end of the 8-minute video, she even jokes about how she “wants a Lamborghini.” Well, those baby body parts do add up I guess. See it all here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjCs_gvImyw

There is no question that PP is right up there with the Nazis. This is a group that has a long history of demonic activities. Just recently they have been caught out on a number of gruesome deeds:

-covering up sexual abuse of minors

-aiding and abetting sex traffickers

-double-billing taxpayers

-and of course the cold-hearted murder of millions of innocent babies

Well, given that PP was founded by the arch-eugenicist Margaret Sanger, what do we expect? You remember her, with such memorable quotes as:

“The handicapped, including the blind, deaf, dumb, mute and epileptics, are the dead weight of human waste.”

“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”

“The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

“Eugenics is … the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems.”

“The marriage bed is the most degenerating influence in the social order,”

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

Nice, real nice. Her callous, heartless and diabolical views were the very basis of PP, and they continue in the same exact mindset today. So why are we surprised at these new revelations? This is simply PP at work. This is what it does for a living. This is its very purpose and function.

But all these new revelations are catching them out big time. If what they deal with (around 350,000 a year in the US alone) are merely clumps of cells one minute, how can they be human body parts (brains, livers, arms, legs, etc) the next minute? When it comes to making money, the misuse and abuse of the English language will do nicely thanks.

Yet in the US they also receive over a half billion dollars a year in taxpayer funding. And on top of that there is plenty of corporate sponsorship as well for these killers. In the US there are 41 corporations and organisations that directly contribute to PP.

This is not only a very well-oiled and efficient killing machine, it is a very lucrative one as well. Indeed, the average salary for a PP regional CEO is just a tad short of $200,000 per year. Killing babies is obviously a lot more profitable than teaching in a school or flipping burgers.

While PP is doing all the sorts of stuff that would make the Nazis proud (and they did learn a lot from Sanger and Co.), one of the more incredible things (but not unexpected) is how the mainstream media has been doing its best to ignore this story.

This is clearly one of the most important stories of the year, yet the lamestream media is doing all it can to avoid it. It is only because the alternative media has made so much of it that they have reluctantly been getting into the act. Mollie Hemingway has just done a piece documenting this despicable dereliction of duty. Compare the beat-up about the Confederate Flag to the PP story:

-The New York Times has run stories and essays on the Confederate flag 149 times since June 17 (and only 39 of those mention Roof), 41 of those in the first six days. That compares to three stories on Planned Parenthood during the same window, just 7 percent of what you’d expect if the New York Times considered those stories merely of equal importance.

-CNN has had 493 mentions of the Confederate flag since June 17 (only 188 of these even mention alleged church shooter Dylann Roof), and managed 167 in the first six days. In the first six days of the Planned Parenthood scandal, they managed 7 mentions, less than 5 percent what you’d expect if you considered those stories only of equal importance.

She mentions other major news outlets, then offers “a few stories that I might have reporters look into” if the MSM is having troubles trying to unearth a story. Here are just some of them:

-We’ve heard about serial murderer/abortionist Kermit Gosnell keeping trophies of his victims, abortion clinics dumping babies in the trash, and now Deborah Nucatola working to do “a little better than break even” in the sales of intact baby organs. What’s the standard procedure for disposal of the unborn children killed in abortion? Are there abortion clinic standards for this? Does it vary state by state? Do states even have regulations? Does Planned Parenthood have uniform regulations? If not, why not? If so, how are they enforced?

-How much money does Planned Parenthood receive via sales of baby organs? Do they keep records? Are those records trustworthy? How do we know? How significant are these funds to the abortion portion of Planned Parenthood’s operation? How does compensation for the children’s lungs, livers, hearts and brains vary by state, if they do vary?

-How far along in a pregnancy must a woman be for her child’s organs to be considered worthwhile for procurement, sale and transfer? How much does the value of a child’s liver, heart, lungs, etc., increase with time? Do the sales of baby organs form a significant enough part of Planned Parenthood’s business model to result in, say, filibustering of protections for late-term unborn children?

-What are the laws on trafficking in human body parts? Who wrote those laws? Was the abortion industry involved in writing those laws?

-How much money is made throughout the organ sale process? How do corporations make their way around laws prohibiting the express sale of human organs? What do ethicists say about these loopholes and workarounds?

-Could expert observers take us through Planned Parenthood’s various responses to the charges levied in the video? They don’t deny the charges. How is that significant?

Good questions indeed. If the MSM were really objective, unbiased, and neutral, they would be all over this story like a rash. But they are not. The overwhelming majority of those in the MSM are secular lefties who fully support abortion on demand. So of course they don’t want to cover this story.

They only want to go after Christians and conservatives. They sure don’t want to go after their own. That is why it is so absolutely essential that the alternative media exists. It is doing the job the MSM refuses to do. And I will also keep hammering away at stories like these.

Pro-life activist Lila Rose had this to say about the new video:

This latest video further illustrates the barbaric reality of business at Planned Parenthood – that after selling an abortion, Planned Parenthood works to improve their bottom line by harvesting the body parts of the child they have just killed. What has our nation come to that we allow the brutality of abortion upon our children, and then sell their broken bodies for profit, all the while, funding the perpetrator? While millions of Americans, on both sides of the political aisle, are expressing their horror at Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of preborn children’s bodies — their tiny lungs, hearts and livers — our taxpayer dollars continue to flow into the organization at the rate of over $500 million per year. Human rights are bipartisan — where is the outcry from presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and others over sale of the parts of children? Silence in the face of such atrocity is complicity.

Exactly. Just as there was damnable silence from far too many Germans when the Nazis were freely doing their thing, and the concentration camps were filling up, so too we have way too much silence today. And it is not just the MSM who are abdicating their responsibilities here.

Most churches and Christian leaders are not saying a word about any of this. They don’t want to rock the boat, upset their congregations, and lose out on the weekly offering. They have blood on their hands. Their unwillingness to stand up for “the least of these” as Jesus put it will not go unnoticed come judgment day.

At the very least, all government funding of PP should stop immediately. We already have several Congressional investigations and at least seven US state investigations going on over this horrific activity. I hope many more such investigations take place, and I hope all the gory details get out far and wide.

And I hope that as a result of all this, PP closes its deadly doors, for good. If we all celebrated the closing of the doors of the death camps in Germany 70 years ago, we should be looking forward to the same here.

Indeed, it’s amazing that this company continues to exist at all but we can be sure that like the Third Reich, it’s days are numbered and that’s a wonderful thing.

“The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭14:11‬ ‭ESV‬‬