Dear ABC, Crowdfunded Illustrated Homosexual Fairytails Are Not Headline News But The Dangers Of The Homosexual Lifestyle Sure Are

If I successfully Crowdfunded a fifth leg for my dog, it would no more be “news” than this joke.

What would be news however is an LGBT Aesop-styled fable about the massively increased prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases in the LGBT community. Or drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide.

I mean, if your are going to try and pawn homosexuality and other abnormal, dangerous and destructive desires and disorders onto the general public, at least be honest about what is under the hood.

I’m loath to post any of this propoganda masquerading as “news” but there is one important comment which sums up the key problem here:

“The conflict does not arise from a coming out story or someone struggling with their sexuality or a disapproving parent. In this utopian kingdom, sexuality isn’t questioned,” he said.

Ah utopia! Y’know, the key underlying promise of Marxism/Humanism/Atheism.

Otherwise know as a “lie”.

So these authors are under the insane delusion that total sexual anarchy is actually the gateway to utopia – a place where nobody asks any questions or, at least, the wrong type of questions. Just like in Communist countries! 

The threat of the gulag seems to have that effect on questioning types.

With that disturbing lie exposed, let’s consider a very contrary reality to this delusional LGBT fantasy: the massively increased prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide in the LGBT community are all equally high in all the homosexual-friendly cities of the world including San Francisco, Rio De Janiro and Sydney. 

The LGBT lobby are so eager to represent homosexuals as victims that they will overplay their hand and confess the reality that homosexuals still turn to drugs, alcohol, and suicide even when they are embraced, supported, and celebrated.

Regardless of location, consider the following cited article by Matt Slick that clearly identifies homosexuals as victims but most importantly, victims of their own dangerous lifestyle choices and sexual practises:

Okay, so now that we have something to work with, let’s take a look at homosexuality and see if it is beneficial or harmful to society. Let’s start with disease and see what the statistics teach us.


2% of U.S. population is gay yet it accounts for 61% of HIV infection: “Men who have sex with men [MSM] remain the group most heavily affected by new HIV infections. While the CDC estimates that MSM represent only 2 percent of the U.S. population, they accounted for the majority (61 percent; 29,300) of all new HIV infections in 2009. Young MSM (ages 13 to 29) were most severely affected, representing more than one quarter of all new HIV infections nationally (27 percent; 12,900 in 2009).” (Center for Disease Control,

“A recent CDC study found that in 2008 one in five (19%) MSM in 21 major US cities were infected with HIV, and nearly half (44%) were unaware of their infection.” (

25% of HIV infected in U.K. unaware of their infection: “Of the estimated 86,500 people living with HIV in the United Kingdom, about 25 percent are not aware they are infected, the Health Protection Agency said recently.” (The Body,

Clearly, the disease statistics related to a homosexual lifestyle prove that such a lifestyle is harmful not only to themselves but also to others, especially when you note that in both the U.S. and U.K. large percentages of HIV infected people don’t know they are infected. This is a danger to society since it supports the spread of disease on a large scale.

Financial Impact

$12.1 Billion annual cost in US: “Future treatment for the 40,000 people infected with HIV in the United States every year will cost $12.1 billion annually, a new study showed.” (

$1.5 Billion Cost for 2001 in Canada: “June 2001, Halifax, Nova Scotia–HIV/AIDS cost Canadians more than $2 billion in 1999 in direct and indirect costs. Health care costs accounted for about $560 million; prevention, research and supports to AIDS victims for about $40 million; and lost economic production due to premature death and disability for nearly $1.5 billion.” (

The financial drain on society due to the medical costs of HIV is huge. The greater the impact, the more damage it does to the society’s financial stability.

Mental Health

How is the mental health of homosexuals and lesbians? Does it have the same bell-curve as the rest of society? No, it does not. Take a look at these statistics and note that the mental health issues are not due to social pressure and rejection by the majority of society who considers homosexuality to be aberrant.

” . . . homosexuals are about 50% more likely to suffer from depression and engage in substance abuse than the rest of the population, reports . . . the risk of suicide jumped over 200% if an individual had engaged in a homosexual lifestyle . . . the lifespan of a homosexual is on average 24 years shorter than that of a heterosexual . . . While the Health 24 article suggested that homosexuals may be pushed to substance abuse and suicide because of anti-homosexual cultural and family pressures, empirical tests have shown that there is no difference in homosexual health risk depending on the level of tolerance in a particular environment. Homosexuals in the United States and Denmark–the latter of which is acknowledged to be highly tolerant of homosexuality–both die on average in their early 50’s, or in their 40’s if AIDS is the cause of death. The average age for all residents in either country ranges from the mid-to-upper-70s.” (

73% of the psychiatrists in the American Psychiatric Association who responded to a survey by Harold I. Lief said that they thought that homosexual men are less happy than others. 70% percent said they believed that the homosexuals’ problems were due more to personal conflicts than to social stigmatization. Study by Harold I. Lief, Sexual Survey Number 4: Current Thinking on Homosexuality, Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality 2 (1977), pp.110-111 (Cited in Growing Up Straight by George A. Reker).” (

Sexual Molestation

Higher sexual molestation with homosexual parents: “A disproportionate percentage–29 percent–of the adult children of homosexual parents had been specifically subjected to sexual molestation by that homosexual parent, compared to only 0.6 percent of adult children of heterosexual parents having reported sexual relations with their parent. . . . Having a homosexual parent(s) appears to increase the risk of incest with a parent by a factor of about 50.” (P. Cameron and K. Cameron, “Homosexual Parents,” Adolescence 31 (1996): 772″ (

Certainly, no one wants children molested by adults. (Unfortunately, pedophilia is now being pushed as another ‘sexual orientation’ see Society needs to protect its children–not subject them to sexual pressures and molestation. However, the homosexual lifestyle clearly presents an increased threat to our children.

Sexual Promiscuity

Sexual promiscuity helps support the spread of disease. What are the promiscuity statistics of the homosexual community? Shockingly bad!

28% of homosexual men had more than 1000 partners: “Bell and Weinberg reported evidence of widespread sexual compulsion among homosexual men. 83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners; 28% with 1,000 or more partners. Bell and Weinberg p 308.” (

Low rate of sexual fidelity among homosexuals. “There is an extremely low rate of sexual fidelity among homosexual men as compared to married heterosexuals. Among married females 85% reported sexual fidelity. Among married men, 75.5% reported sexual fidelity. Among homosexual males in their current relationship, 4.5% reported sexual fidelity. (Sources: Laumann, The Social Organization of Sexuality, 216, McWhirter and Mattison, The Male Couple: How Relationships Develop (1984): 252-253, Wiederman, “Extramarital Sex,” 170. This is extracted from

Does anyone think that such mind-blowing promiscuity is healthy for any society, especially when the homosexual community is particularly subject to HIV infection? Homosexuals are members of society, and their behavior, which is a manifestation of their “orientation,” is extremely dangerous.


Obama Funds The Mass Murder Of Babies And Promotes Homosexuality, Gets An Eight Year Pass But Trump Wants To Stop Immigration And The Pope Says “He Is Not Christian”


Don’t get me wrong – it’s pretty doubtful that Trump is a Christian (I’m not sure Trump actually claims to be a follower of Jesus but I haven’t looked too hard) but where’s the love of Jesus in funding the mass murder of babies not only in your own country but also abroad?

Why does Obama get free pass after free pass from so many leftist-deluded Christians? (The mainstream media is just a given these days)

And are the leftist ABC suggesting that we should vote for Trump because they are promoting what the Pope has said?

After all, these types are always claiming there should be a separation of church and state, which, in their minds means Christians should not be allowed to express any opinion publicly and certainly never have any control over politics.

So I guess Trump – not a Christian according to the Pope – is the atheist man of the hour?


Walid Shoebat’s article offers an interesting perspective which highlights the hypocrisy of the Pope and the mainstream media in their focussed attacks on Trump at the expense of issues where people are actually being brutally murdered (it’s not about abortion but let’s not forget those dead millions when we consider this hypocrisy):

So which is it? Is the Pope the ‘politician’ as Trump says while the Pope accuses Trump of not being a “Christian”? Or is it that both are wrong? Or is it that the Pope in his humanitarian thinking is unintentionally aiding and abetting the drug business by calling on Trump not to erect a wall?

I stand with Trump. The Pope should render unto God what is God’s and to the sheep what is for the sheep and let the ceasars do what caesars do and let God be the judge of Trump’s Protestant faith. The Pope should fight the evil drug-cult epidemic in Mexico instead of enabling it. Over a hundred thousand Catholics murdered by the schismatic Protestant Los Templarios cult and the schismatic Catholic Santa Muerte cult and all the Pope is doing is hone in on Trump? The whole church (Protestant and Catholic) has fallen away. Pope Francis: you should put on sackcloth and lament the fallen and the martyrs in Mexico before you lament over a wall. Did the Pope dare call the evil President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto as “unChristian” with the whole lot of the Mexican parliament who aid and abet evil?

Pope Francis took umbrage at comments Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made about immigrants, saying in an interview that the real estate mogul was “not Christian.”

The pope’s strong dismissal of Trump was in response to measures Trump has proposed on the campaign trail, including building a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border and deporting millions of undocumented immigrants living and working in the U.S.

When asked by a reporter, “Can a good Catholic vote for this man?” Francis responded by saying, “Thank God he said I was a politician, because Aristotle defined the human person as ‘animal politicus.’ So at least I am a human person. As to whether I am a pawn — well, maybe, I don’t know. I’ll leave that up to your judgment and that of the people.”

He continued: “And then, a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the gospel. As far as what you said about whether I would advise to vote or not to vote, I am not going to get involved in that. I say only that this man is not Christian if he said things like that. We must see if he said things in that way and in this I give the benefit of the doubt.”

The pope made these remarks before he concluded his visit to Mexico, which included a public Mass at the U.S.-Mexico border. Tens of thousands of people from both countries gathered for Mass.

Even before the pope’s comments were released today, Trump had already taken issue with the pope’s trip to Mexico, arguing that the pontiff was playing politics.

In an interview with Fox Business, Trump called Pope Francis “a very political person.”

“I don’t think he understands the danger of the open border we have with Mexico,” Trump said.

During his candidacy announcement, Trump said Mexican immigrants are “bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Has the Pope said anything about the thousands of people in Mexico have been kidnapped and their organs removed for the purpose of selling them or using them in satanic and cannibalistic rituals.

This has been occurring in Mexico and is still happening as we speak. It is a holocaust that is going underreported, and hence we are writing on this dismal reality, to show you what evils the heretics and pagans of Mexico are doing.

A priest by the name of Alejandro Solalinde also revealed a horrifying report: that the bodies of some of the victims were moved to a university in the US to be dissected, with people in the university knowing that the bodies were those of innocent people captured and murdered by Mexican cartel criminals. Fr. Solalinde spoke with the American consulate on this issue and they told him that the situation of organs selling is very “delicate, and he also found out that some very important people are involved in organs selling. The priest said “traffic of that caliber can not be achieved without the complicity of senior government officials, we are talking about a business that makes a lot more money at the expense of migrants, nobody is going to ask for them, we are talking about more than $ 100,000 or $ 150,000 for every body.”

In one example, in the Villa Victor-Chinicuila, which lies right near Jalisco, a truck was stopped at a checkpoint and inside was absolutely horrifying: frozen bodies of children and others, all with missing organs. According to one Mexican militiaman:

In Villa Victoria-Chinicuila, almost near to Jalisco, at a checkpoint there was stopped a truck with frozen bodies, some were children and they were missing some organs …no one knew what happened to them … From one year to date there has been seen naked, open bodies, with nothing inside

First there were some doubts that such evils were taking place, but these doubts were dissipated when reports of countless bodies discovered without organs were heard. Reports of poor Central American migrants being kidnapped and disemboweled for their organs have also been heard, and have spread terror throughout. The bodies of these victims have been scattered throughout the wilderness, the murderers knowing that if anything happened to them nobody would fight for justice after their deaths.

The modus operandi of the cartel is to search for parents or mothers with children, rarely groups of men because they are more difficult to ‘catch’, take them to a kind of farm or safe houses, right there, with staff dedicated to extraction, and they perform the procedure for obtaining organs.

One of the individuals heavily involved in the kidnapping and organ stealing of innocent people was one Kike Plancarte, a major member of the anti-Catholic Protestant cult, Los Caballeros Templarios, who was killed in a gunfight in 2014. Although he has been dead for two years now, the kidnapping of and stealing organs from innocent people continues.

In one situation a truck was discovered and in it were hearts and different organs. The police came to the scene but no one knows of what transpired in the criminal case. Obviously the Mexican government is doing nothing, since 98% of murders in Mexico go unsolved. The militiaman said that the media has been reporting that the stories are “pure lies and legends that do not even exist,” but the reason for the propaganda is because while “the government knows about it,” it “has interests” since “it costs thousands for one liver, for example… it is fortunate that we saw it (the truck), we deliver it to the police, they know it exist but have remained silent out of fear and because also they negotiate with them (the criminals) and make a profit.” The militiaman went on to explain:

In the canyons, where nobody walks, but only those who know the areas we monitor, I saw bodies that are not of the community, and they are women. We knew that many migrants have a fate, but for years the clandestine graves hide hundreds of deaths, but they are not the same, these bodies are leftovers

He went on to explain how the bodies are cut with precision, from the neck downwards. He also said that children are a frequent target, “perhaps because they are younger, healthier.”

“We started beating about careful, because the only people who could be involved in that was on drugs, we talked to villagers in Michoacán was Kike Plancarte who had started the business with other members of his family, that he struck what it cost a body and having both migrant in the country, was a waste not to use them, and how what happens to one happens to the other, we began to take care and combing the area, if we were in the spotlight, but nothing happened.

A few months ago, when it seemed that no longer passed many drug shipments we have a truck that stopped because we were going to surrender to the police, for these areas with a large transport could only be drugs, we could stop them, but it was a horrible thing, were hearts, livers were all scared little ones, it was a human butcher “.

Goes on to explain that the police took over, but the truck disappeared, no one knew where he went and what happened to the bodies, what we do know is that it was not even a week when they found that those who were guarding the truck and they detained were released, the police asked for explanations but ignored them and insulted them.

FBI agents are now in possession of photographs that prove organ trafficking in Mexico and that they are killing migrants. The images show mutilated bodies, with the chest and belly open with surgical incisions that lead to the extraction of livers, kidneys, hearts, to mention only a few.

The priest Alejandro Solalinde recounts that cases involving organ trafficking were evident in areas of Veracruz, Oaxaca and Michoacan. “At first we had knowledge of the first state where bodies were found without organs, then we tracked them in Oaxaca, when a local deputy reported that they had found bodies in the region of the mountains”.

Fr. Alejandro Solalinde also recounted how in the land of Tierra Caliente, Michoacán, the militia group, Las Autodefensas, intercepted a truck with bodies, and although they reported it to the State Attorney, they were ignored, and although the bodies were confiscated, no one knows what became of the case.

There was a second time, again a truck, in this they were bodies and the Autodefensas said that “in addition to the bodies, some were still living children”.

The major drug cartel in Mexico, the Templars (Los Templarios), have been kidnapping children, ripping their hearts as they are still alive, and eating them raw. Alfredo Castillo, the federal government’s envoy to Michoacan, told a local radio:

At [an] initiation ceremony they used the organs, in this case the heart, and forced people going through this initiatory process to eat it

This ritual is superintended by Nazario Moreno, the leader of the Templarios, who makes his initiates consume the hearts of kidnapped children. Mr. Castillo continued to say:

There are statements from some people who were present when Nazario Moreno (El Chayo) came and told others, either as initiation or as part of a ritual: ‘Today we are going to eat a person’s heart

Nazario Moreno is a cult leader, and is believed by his followers to have special powers.

According to Mexican authorities the children are then further dissected for their organs which are sold in the underground (and underworld) black market. Several children were captured by the Templar cult gang and locked in a freezer in a van, being prepared to be sacrifices for upcoming rituals for future initiates. A local Christian militia in Mexico, tired of the government not doing anything, took up arms, attacked the devil worshippers, intercepted the van and rescued the children before they could be ritually sacrificed in the satanic ritual. The leader of the Christian militia, José Manuel Mireles, said:

They were inside a refrigerated box, tightly wrapped in blankets… They were all children from the same Mexico City school.

Two major drug cartel agents, Caballo and Chanenque, were ambushing innocent travelers and dismembering them. Jose Manuel Mireles, the leader of the militia, captured both Caballo and Chanenque. His men beat the two murderers on camera, and then ordered for the filming to stop. We don’t know the fate of the two devil worshippers, but one can imagine that the Christians justly dispatched them.

The Christian militia is called Los Autodefensas, and they began as a response to the horrific and satanic murders done by the drug cartel, and as a result of the utter corruption and evil cooperation the government has with the cartels. The drug cartels, like ISIS, taxes all those who live under their control. A local farmer was unable to pay the extortion tax, and so the cartel kidnapped his children, tied them up and smashed their heads upon rocks. It was against this horrific violence that this militia arose and fought.

God the ever glorious Son became of one flesh with humanity, and proclaimed to the holy Peter, “That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18) The saints march to the gates of the inferno as it approaches the land of heavenly beings, and they, burning with a zeal only quenched by justice, fight with all noble ferociousness, tearing down its sinister walls and breaking the chains of the abysmal demons.

In their ineffable will and exuberance they strike the sinister forces, the corrupters of souls and the shedders of innocent blood, by “faith working through love.” (Galatians 5:6) Is this not a war between those of the flesh and those of the Spirit? The war is not between weapons, but between those led by the Spirit, (Galatians 5:18) and those who advance pharmakeia (Galatians 5:20) to use the word of the Apostle, which is nothing but the occult and the rituals of demons in which narcotics are used.

The Mexican cartels make up to twenty billion dollars a year from selling pharmakeia — in the forms of cocaine and methamphetamine — in the US, and all they are doing is advancing witchcraft. The soulless never end in spewing out their evils, saying that drugs are “harmless,” and that they should be tolerated and legalized, and they do not even realize that they are only being ambassadors for doctrines of demons and their acolytes who only come to steal, and to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10).

These militants do not fund their cause with drugs or with the blood of the innocent, but with money gained by the sale of limes and avocados. In one event — worthy of our lamentation — fourteen lime producers expressed their support for the militia and the Templar drug cartel murdered all of them.

All of this violence taking place in Mexico means that the nation is entering a civil war. These types of events are ones you would hear happening in Syria and Iraq, but they are occurring in Mexico. Mexico is on the brink on civil war. The cartels have already been fighting the militia army, Las Autodefensas. Now these self-defense armies are developing throughout Mexico. The righteous uprising began in Michoacan, and now you have militias in Guerrero, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Veracruz and they will continue to come about in other states. This is the restoration of the Cristeros, Catholic warriors who revolted against the anti-Christian government of Mexico in the 1920s and 30s.

This war will continue between the Autodefensas and the cartels, but ultimately it will be between the Autodefensas — the New Cristeros — and the biggest cartel, the Mexican government.

The ABC Brings You Stupid But Dangerous Ideas On A Minute By Minute Basis

The ABC is a cesspool of the most extreme Leftist ideas.

By “Leftist”, I mean cultural Marxism and if that doesn’t describe it for you, I’m talking about ideological elitists who seek to control society by dividing it into groups and pitting them against each other.

Any conflict between cultures, between sexes, between ethnic groups, Leftists are fuelling it to serve their purposes and siding with the claimed “aggrieved”.

This list includes women, anyone who vaguley fits into the LGBTIQ community, ethnic or religious minorities such as any non-whites and Muslims, the 99%, animals, the environment. 

I’m not pretending they are the source of all evil in the universe but I am saying that they know how to manipulate it for their own purposes.

If you aren’t willing to consider that, you’ve come to the wrong blog and might as well hightail it outta here.

My recent visit to ABC New had me rolling my eyes in disbelief in mere seconds but at this point, I really shouldn’t be surprised at the depths that this tax-payer funded ideologues parading as journalists are plumbing.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • A review of QandA, the ABC panel discussion program notorious for its anti-Christian, anti-West, and anti-truth bent, has been found to be essentially unbiased…by the kinds of people who may as well be employed at the ABC!
  • The use of the term “climate justice”. 
  • Tony Abbott’s claim that cultures are not all equal is a step backwards for humanity. Yes, I knew we had been short changing the Nazis all these years – can’t wait to discuss the benefits of their culture for the West today!
  • An atheist woman has won the right to be photographed with a colander on her head for her drivers license in the name of her religious belief. That was worth the petitioning, I am certain!

Most people would look at this list and wonder what the big deal is and that is the problem with our society: we can’t even see our enemies when they are plainly before our eyes every day and the more we see it, the more it seems like the norm.

Consider, however, some of the real implications of these four stories:

Climate justice means we are all guilty and need to be controlled by the only righteous people, Leftists, who are always the messianic figures to every social ill if only we will place our trust in them.

The so-called equality of all cultures means the Leftist deconstruction of Western, Christian culture can continue unabated and anyone who complains otherwise is a bigoted, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic racist…

…and they need public condemnation from Leftists and useful idiots on the conveniently innocent of being a Leftist lynch mob QandA at the ABC.

Finally, perverting the law for the sake of perverting it is acceptable.

Note that this just didn’t all fall into place overnight. A lot of people worked long and hard to subvert and pervert the West, which only a century ago was known as Christendom.

And the key difference between Christianity and atheism can be summed up in how it responds to the natural selfish and corrupt nature of humanity: where Christianity condemns it and calls humanity to self-sacrifice, atheism encourages it to every extreme of self-indulgence.

Marxism is all about forcing people into what Marxism says is good for people and atheism produces dependancy which gives the perfect pretence to roll on into a police state as citizens lose control of their lives because of selfishness, whether it’s through failed marriages and sexual promiscuity, alcohol and substance abuse, or through more extreme actions like murder and rape.

Christianity, on the other hand, produces independent, moral citizens who don’t need to be forcibly governed, thereby making the Marxist messiah figures redundant as Christ takes his place as the rightful messiah in a society.

Like I wrote previously, if you don’t see this happening in our society then good luck on another website because you’re in the wrong place.

For those who see these things occurring, it will only get worse by my estimation and yet there is a hope that some, even many, can be plucked from the fire through the proclamation of Jesus as lord and as the coming king.

If you are an atheist, let’s level.

Jesus is coming and the time for defiance is drawing to a close.

Turn to Jesus and you will become a full member of his family and any enmity between God or between us will be gone.

The foolish son, often called “the prodigal”, learned his lesson and saw what was good for him only when he longed to eat pig food for the deep hole he had dug himself into – don’t keep digging friend.

The Father is waiting for you – so return and be restored to the family.

“I’m A Hero For Breaking The Law And For Consuming Mind-Altering Drugs”: Something Only The Extreme Left Greens Will Pride Themselves On

If you don’t know anything about Australia’s version of The Greens, such as their desire to kill unborn children, the elderly, the sick, and whoever else they can by establishing eugenics as law, then this “news” from the equally extreme left ABC is a good place to start building your impression:

A NSW Greens MP has told a budget estimates hearing he broke the law by eating cannabis this morning, to prove a political point about hemp-based foods.
Jeremy Buckingham made the confession before asking Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair why it was illegal to consume hemp seed in New South Wales, stifling a potentially lucrative industry.

The ABC understands Mr Buckingham had eaten some certified organic hemp seeds before attending the hearing.

According to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, hemp is a source of protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

Low-THC hemp can be grown in NSW under licence, but it is used for its fibres and oil, not for food.

Mr Buckingham, the Greens agriculture spokesman, has campaigned for farmers to be allowed to sell hemp seed for human consumption, to make the crop more viable.

Mr Blair appeared momentarily taken aback by Mr Buckingham’s admission:

Mr Buckingham: Minister you may or may not be surprised that this morning I consumed cannabis. I broke the law.

Mr Blair: Camus?

Mr Buckingham: Cannabis.

Mr Blair: Oh cannabis.

Mr Buckingham: Minister, why are standing in the way of a billion-dollar hemp food industry?

Mr Blair: Do you want me to comment on the first part of the question?

In May, the MP lit up an e-cigarette in Parliament to prove a point about legal loopholes around the vapour devices.

He said e-cigarettes should be dealt with under the same laws covering tobacco and nicotine, including banning their use in non-smoking areas.

Hey, even Hitler was voted into power so you can’t blame these guys for appealing to voters: evil gotta eat too.

If you were hoping for social stability and righteous law, at least as much as can be hoped for in a fallen world, then the Greens really should be understood for what they really are.

If you are a Christian and you vote for the Greens, please reconsider. I mean, boasting in illegal mind-altering drug consumption really is exactly what we’ve all come to expect of The Greens and it stands in stark contrast to what one would expect from Christians.

Just my two cents.

…Because “Racism” Is Why We Don’t Like Islam

You gotta love the doublespeak of the mainstream media, especially the tax-payer funded ABC, which makes a living out of lying about social issues to push its extreme left agenda. 

In all cases, “extreme left” is synonymous with the power to silence anyone who disagrees with supporting everything anti-Christian, anti-Western, and anti-truth, like homosexuality being healthy and safe, socialism being a fair and just system that brings joy to all the comrades, or that gender is the same as biological sex and perfectly fluid according to your feelings.

In this particular case, it means falsely accusing Australians who don’t want a mosque built in their suburbs as “racist”…because Islam, a worldview and system encompassing the political, religious, and social is a race?

Here’s their report:

Community groups have rallied in support of tolerance and against racism in the central Victorian city of Bendigo after the approval of a controversial mosque.

Three anti-racism groups held rallies in opposition to a protest by the anti-Islam group United Patriots Front (UPF), which opposes the mosque.

Large numbers of police officers were on the scene to keep the two sides apart.

A small scuffle broke out at the Shamrock Hotel as protesters walked through town but police stepped in quickly, reporters at the scene said.

The anti-racism demonstrators chanted: “Muslims are welcome, racists are not.”

Members of the UPF vowed they would go “wherever they wanted because this land belongs to us” in a posting on Facebook before the protest.

Victoria’s planning tribunal approved a permit for the city’s first mosque earlier this month despite stiff opposition to the project from local residents.

The Victorian and Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) found there was “no evidence of any significant social or other effects to the community” as a result of the mosque.

But VCAT imposed a series of conditions on the development, including caps on the number of people allowed on site at specific times, a height limit of 21.4 metres for the mosque’s minaret, and restrictions on the opening hours.

Now pretending Islam is a race is not a mere mistake or misunderstanding on behalf of the ABC – they know Islam is not a race.

This is all part of getting you and me to SHUT UP!

And the way they do it is perpetuate the narrative that white people are responsible for all problems in the world, especially the catastrophically and ongoingly troubled Middle East.

Now, some white people are racists and some of them, past tense – as in no white people currently alive today – did contribute to the African slave trade but there’s two important points that we must take into account:

  1. “White people” are not some homogenous collective who all agree on everything, like being racist, as the left perpetually claim.
  2. Muslims created the African slave trade in line with the slavery practised by Muhammad and are now protected used by the left.

The left is an ideology focussed on obtaining power to control every sphere of society from a governmental level and the effective way they have discovered is through abusing and falsely accusing people into silence.

Nobody wants to be know as a “racist” and most people don’t like to be put on public display in a negative way and so screaming abuse with the amplification of the powerful and ever-present mainstream media means that you will be publicly shamed and condemned, whether you are really “racist” or not.

Small Muslim communities won’t cause much trouble but with the Middle East as our prime example, large communities of them are the worst disaster civilisation has encountered.

Don’t take my word for it – the sheer volume of terrorist attacks since 9/11, again primarily in the Middle East, speak for themselves:

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11