Joel Richardson’s The Global Jesus Revolution: The Church Must Embrace Prayer And Missions, Target Muslims As Largest Unevangelized People Group

Joel Richardson is one of the most important voices in understanding the role of Islam in biblical eschatology. Richardson has outlined this relationship in numerous books including Islamic Antichrist, Mideast Beast, and When A Jew Rules The World. 

Most recently, his documentary End Times Eyewitness reviewed this idea from the midst of the Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East over the past few years.

Now, Richardson has released the follow up documentary The Global Jesus Revolution, which focuses on how the Church in the West needs to respond to the increasing troubles we see across the world, especially in the Middle East.

In a recent episode of The Underground, Richardson discusses these issues and the roadmap forward for Christians:


The Turkish Ottoman Empire Strikes Back

The return of the Turkish Ottoman Empire is etched in biblical prophecy and a number of Christians, and politically aware non-Christians, have seen this coming for a long time.

I am convinced (but you should do your own research) that the restoration of the Turkish empire will form the basis of the antichrist empire itself.

Step by step, as this latest news article suggests:

Turkey should have a religious constitution, its parliamentary speaker Ismail Kahraman has said in comments that will likely add to concerns of the erosion of secularism under the ruling party.

“As a Muslim country, why should we be in a situation where we are in retreat from religion?” state-run news agency Anatolia quoted him as saying.

“We are a Muslim country. As a consequence, we must have a religious constitution,” the AKP lawmaker told a conference in Istanbul.

“Secularism cannot feature in the new constitution.”

Critics accuse President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamic-rooted AKP of eroding the secular values laid by modern Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk since it took power in 2002.

Over the past two years, the Government has lifted bans on women and girls wearing headscarves in schools and civil service.

It also limited alcohol sales and made efforts to ban mixed-gender dormitories at state universities.

The head of Turkey’s main CHP opposition party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, slammed the speaker’s comments.

The Young Turks

Between East and West, Europe and the Middle East, Islam and Secularism. Six young Istanbul residents talk about the issues.

“The chaos that reigns in the Middle East is the product of ways of thinking that, like you, make religion an instrument of politics,” Mr Kilicdaroglu wrote on Twitter.

“Secularism exists so everyone can practise their religion freely, Mr Kahraman!”

Since the AKP’s re-election in November, the Government has said it wants to prioritise replacing Turkey’s constitution, inherited from a military junta after a coup in 1980.

Several rounds of negotiations have failed, most recently in February, with the opposition rejecting the increasingly powerful role of the presidency under Mr Erdogan.

Mr Kahraman on Monday backed a “presidential system” for Turkey, and rejected claims this would push the country towards authoritarianism.

“Some people say that [a strengthened presidency] means dictatorship,” he said.

“Where is this link? Is [US President Barack] Obama a dictator?”

To answer that last question: Obama’s certainly getting there, with his recent executive actions.

So don’t let that quip make you feel safe.

Eurabia: Europe’s Descent Into The Islamic World 

The “Islamic World” was once known as Classical antiquity and was one half of a very large Christian empire, just like the rest of Europe.

Muslims invaded it on a jihadic conquest and in a mere decade, it became an Islamic empire.

Looks like Islam is going to take the rest.

Unless something happens, and civil war is very much a possibility here, then Eurabia will become the reality that many of us have warned for a long time.

Bill Muehlenberg’s recent article is an important read:

Plenty of people are now asking, ‘Whither Europe?’ It has been in serious trouble for decades now, and with the twin problems of Christianity in decline and Islam in the ascendency, the situation continues to further deteriorate. Mistaken policies of multiculturalism and immigration, along with a complete blindness to the threat of expansionist Islam, are killing the continent.

In a recent article political analyst Judith Bergman asks this question, “Is Europe Giving Up?” She concludes her article this way: “Europe seems to have learned nothing from the past decades. Its problems with immigrant Muslim populations continue to deteriorate. Accommodation has not solved these problems; more accommodation will undoubtedly not solve them either. More accommodation will make them, if anything, worse.”

Things certainly are getting worse. The rape culture in Europe which has exploded following decades of mainly Muslim immigration is getting worse by the day, as Cologne and other cities recently demonstrated. While women are being raped and Europe is being ravaged, we still have clueless lefties demanding more foreigners be allowed in.

And sadly some of these “come on in” lefties have become the victims of all this. Consider the tragic case of Elin Krantz. As one write-up states:

[She was] once a beautiful blond woman, young and full of life, is now dead in the ground and six months decomposed. Supposedly, she was a member of the “We Like Diversity” Facebook page, called herself “multicultural” and a supporter of Third-world immigration into Sweden, the country of her birth. Maybe in those last few moments of life, she changed her mind about a few things, as if it made any difference. On that day, Elin and her African immigrant killer were riding the same tram to the Hisingen neighbourhood in Sweden.

Shortly thereafter Krantz was found raped and murdered in a wooded area not far from the tram stop. Her 23-year-old African “refugee” (who supposedly once lived in the US) killer was arrested shortly after the killing. He was charged with murder and aggravated rape. According to the prosecutors, the attack was one of “extreme ruthlessness”.

The religious lefties pushing open slather for asylum seekers go on and on about how we are supposed to treat women and children kindly, etc. I am all in favour of treating women and children kindly, but when it is primarily young males who are pouring into Europe as refugees, then we need to start asking some hard questions.

Indeed, things are getting so bad that some places now have a huge imbalance of males to females. Consider the shocking case of Sweden:

In Sweden, unaccompanied male minors made up 21 per cent of all new arrivals from the Middle-East and Africa last year. Among that number there was only one girl for every 11.3 boys, according to figures from the American website Politico. The figures also showed that from 18,615 refugees who entered Sweden last year, only 2,555 were girls.

Adding those numbers to those of Swedish nationals from the same age group, the total number of boys in the country comes to 121,914 compared to only 99,079 girls. That disparity is greater than China’s, a country renowned for its male-heavy population, where there are 117 boys for every 100 girls. Sweden, together with Germany and Denmark, has been one of the most generous European countries when it comes to hosting refugees. But Swedes’ tolerance towards the new arrivals is ebbing.

The country’s leftwing government has moved to impose border controls after opinion polls revealed the opposition party, the extreme-right wing Sweden Democrats, now enjoys a 20 per cent support from the public. In 2015 more than a million refugees arrived in Europe, mostly from Syria, Africa and South Asia.

All of this is simply unsustainable, and Europe may well be on its last legs. Some are already saying that civil war may be the way things pan out in Europe. Theodore Shoebat says “There Is Going to Be a Civil War In Europe Between Muslims and Non-Muslims”. He continues:

A German official named Hansjoerg Mueller, of the Alternative for Germany party, said that because of Merkel’s open door policy allowing the floods of Muslim immigrants the country is ‘sliding towards anarchy’ and risks becoming a ‘banana republic without any government’. He also said that it will push the nation to civil war. The official said: “Germany now is somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding towards civil war, or to become a banana republic without any government.”

Another recent piece on all this is worth quoting from at length. What Ross Douthat says about Germany – it is “on the brink” – could be said of much of Europe as well:

The underlying controversy here is not a new one. For decades conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic have warned that Europe’s generous immigration policies, often pursued in defiance of ordinary Europeans’ wishes, threaten to destabilize the continent. The conservatives have made important points about the difficulty of assimilation, the threat of radicalization, and the likelihood of Paris-style and Cologne-style violence in European cities.

But they have also trafficked in more apocalyptic predictions — fears of a “Eurabia,” of mass Islamification — that were somewhat harder to credit. Until recently, Europe’s assimilation challenge looked unpleasant but not insurmountable, and the likelihood of Yugoslavian-style balkanization relatively remote.

With the current migration, though, we’re in uncharted territory. The issue isn’t just that immigrants are arriving in the hundreds of thousands rather than the tens of thousands. It’s that a huge proportion of them are teenage and twentysomething men.

He concludes his piece with these words:

In the German case the important number here isn’t the country’s total population, currently 82 million. It’s the twentysomething population, which was less than 10 million in 2013 (and of course already included many immigrants). In that cohort and every cohort afterward, the current influx could have a transformative effect.

How transformative depends on whether these men eventually find a way to bring brides and families to Europe as well. In terms of immediate civil peace, family formation or unification offers promise, since men with wives and children are less likely to grope revelers or graffiti synagogues or seek the solidarity of radicalism.

But it could also double or treble this migration’s demographic impact, pushing Germany toward a possible future in which half the under-40 population would consist of Middle Eastern and North African immigrants and their children.

If you believe that an aging, secularized, heretofore-mostly-homogeneous society is likely to peacefully absorb a migration of that size and scale of cultural difference, then you have a bright future as a spokesman for the current German government.

You’re also a fool. Such a transformation promises increasing polarization among natives and new arrivals alike. It threatens not just a spike in terrorism but a rebirth of 1930s-style political violence. The still-imaginary France Michel Houellebecq conjured up in his novel “Submission,” in which nativists and Islamists brawl in the streets, would have a very good chance of being realized in the German future.

This need not happen. But prudence requires doing everything possible to prevent it. That means closing Germany’s borders to new arrivals for the time being. It means beginning an orderly deportation process for able-bodied young men. It means giving up the fond illusion that Germany’s past sins can be absolved with a reckless humanitarianism in the present.

It means that Angela Merkel must go — so that her country, and the continent it bestrides, can avoid paying too high a price for her high-minded folly.

Let me finish with the words of Baron Bodissey who discusses “The Larger Motive Behind the Groping Jihad”:

The wave of “refugees” entering Europe in 2015 was an instance of the Islamic hijra, or migration, into infidel lands. It is one of the principal phases of jihad. In their migration Muslims are following the example of Mohammed, who made hijra to Medina and forcibly established Islam there. When the number of Muslims in the new land increases sufficiently — by further migration, or by da’wa, proselytizing to convert infidels — then violent jihad can be launched, and the final conversion of the new territory will be complete.

Europe is experiencing the earliest stages of a major hijra operation. The behavior of the migrants is decentralized and lacks a command structure, but its uniform aim is to achieve an acknowledged purpose, and it is operating according to a well-defined plan. And what is that plan? What was the Groping Jihad trying to achieve in the Cologne Hauptbahnhof that night?

The first motive was the obvious one: a bunch of sex-deprived testosterone-infused men were out on the town to have a bit of fun with the “uncovered meat” left lying around by the infidels. These culture-enrichers come from a society where women are property, and have no protected status unless their ownership (by a man) is clearly indicated. Uncovered, shamelessly dressed women with no owner accompanying them are considered prostitutes. Or simply objects for the satisfaction of whatever man happens upon them. That was the clear, immediate, unambiguous motive for the molestation and rape of young Western women.

The second layer of purpose reveals itself in the way these young men formed into disciplined small groups and acted in a coordinated fashion, simultaneously in dozens of different cities:This was warfare. The events of New Year’s Eve were jihad, war against the infidel.

And they were also a form of terrorism. Allah commands his followers to strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, and that is exactly what the Groping Jihad did. German women (and presumably many of the men) are now terrified of the Hosts of Mohammed.

Yes this is war. Of course Islam has declared war against the West for 1400 years now. The only question left to ask is this: will Europe side with its enemies and commit continental suicide, or will it wake up and respond before it is too late?

Economic Chaos Once Helped Pave The Way To The Third Reich So What Can We Expect From Our Global Economic Collapse?

Worst start to the stock year ever.

Marxist types lead the governments of most Western nations.

The United Nations is looking to give communism another chance.

What could go wrong?

Michael Snyder has this to say:

We have never had a year start the way that 2016 has started. In the U.S., the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 have both posted their worst four-day starts to a year ever. Canadian stocks are now down 21 percent since September, and it has been an absolute bloodbath in Europe over the past four days. Of course the primary catalyst for all of this is what has been going on in China. There has been an emergency suspension of trading in China two times within the past four days, and nobody is quite certain what is going to happen next. Eventually this wave of panic selling will settle down, but that won’t mean that this crisis will be over. In fact, what is coming is going to be much worse than what we have already seen.

On Thursday I was doing a show with some friends, and we were amazed that stocks just seemed to keep falling and falling and falling. The Dow closed down 392 points, and the NASDAQ got absolutely slammed. At this point, the Dow and the NASDAQ are both officially in “correction territory”, and some of the talking heads on television are warning that this could be the beginning of a “bear market”. But of course some of the other “experts” are insisting that this is just a temporary bump in the road.

But what everyone can agree on is that we have never seen a start to a year like this one. The following comes from CNN…

The global market freakout of 2016 just got worse.

The latest scare came on Thursday as China’s stock market crashed 7% overnight and crude oil plummeted to the lowest level in more than 12 years.

The Dow dropped 392 points on Thursday. The S&P 500 fell 2.4%, while the Nasdaq tumbled 3%.

The wave of selling has knocked the Dow down 911 points, or more than 5% so far this year. That’s the worst four-day percentage loss to start a year on record, according to FactSet stats that go back to 1897.

When CNN starts sounding like The Economic Collapse Blog, you know that things are really bad. I particularly like their use of the phrase “global market freakout”. I might have to borrow that one.

Even some of the biggest and most trusted stocks are plummeting. For instance, Apple dropped to $96.45 on Thursday. It is now down a total of 28 percent since hitting a record high of more than 134 dollars a share back in April.

So that means that if someone put all of their retirement money into Apple stock last April (which may have seemed like a really good idea at that time), by now more than one-fourth of that money is gone.

For months, I have been warning that the exact same patterns that we witnessed just prior to the great stock market crash of 2008 were happening again. To me, the parallels between 2008 and 2015/2016 were just uncanny. And now other very prominent names are making similar comparisons. According to the Washington Post, George Soros says that the way this new crisis is unfolding “reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008″…

Influential investor George Soros said that China had a “major adjustment problem” on its hands. “I would say it amounts to a crisis,” he told an economic forum in Sri Lanka, according to Bloomberg News. “When I look at the financial markets, there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.”

Don’t get me wrong – I am certainly not a supporter of George Soros. My point is that we are starting to hear a lot of really ominous talk from a lot of different directions. All over the world, people are starting to understand that the next great financial crisis is already here.

As I write this tonight, I just feel quite a bit of sadness. A lot of hard working people are going to lose a lot of money this year, and that includes people that I know personally. I wish that my voice had been clearer and louder. I wish that I could have done more to get people to understand what was coming. I wish that my warnings could have made more of a difference.

I just think about how I would feel if everything that I had worked for all my life was suddenly wiped out. And that is what is going to end up happening to some of these people. When you lose everything, it can be absolutely debilitating.

You only make money in the markets if you get out in time. And unfortunately, most of the general population will be like deer in the headlights and won’t know which way to move.

There will be up days for the markets in our near future. But don’t be fooled by them. It is important to remember that some of the greatest up days in U.S. stock market history were right in the middle of the stock market crash of 2008. So don’t let a rally fool you into thinking that the crisis is over.

The financial crisis that began in the second half of 2015 is now accelerating, and everything that we have witnessed over the past few days is just a natural extension of what has already been happening.

Personally, I am just really looking forward to this weekend when I will hopefully get caught up on some rest. Plus, my Washington Redskins will be hosting a playoff game on Sunday, and if they find a way to win that game that will put me in a particularly positive mood.

It is good to enjoy these simple pleasures while we still can. Unprecedented chaos is coming this year, and we are all going to need strength and courage for what is ahead.

Dangers In The Middle East: The Saudi Arabia-Iran Conflict

While most Westerner know next to nothing about either of these nations, nor about Islam, recent events are neither surprising nor to be quickly dismissed.

Indeed, we may all eventually be impacted by the distasterous-at-best relationship between these two nations.

Consider Dave Jolly’s take on the situation:

On June 28, 1914, a Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the nephew of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia. Archduke Ferdinand was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife is generally believed to be the spark that ignited World War 1.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia executed 47 people accused of terrorist crimes. One of those executed was a Shiite cleric by the name of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. While you may not understand the importance of his execution, it may possibly lead to war between Iran and Saudi Arabia and if that happens, it may well be the final spark that launches World War 3.

Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader claims that Sheikh Nimr was not a terrorist but a peaceful man. He accuses Saudi Arabia of executing him because he was a Shiite Muslim who disagreed with Saudi Arabia’s Sunni leaders. As reported by BBC News:

But Ayatollah Khamenei said the cleric had been executed for his opposition to Saudi Arabia’s Sunni rulers.

“‘This oppressed scholar had neither invited people to armed movement, nor was involved in covert plots’ the ayatollah tweeted.”

“‘The only act of #SheikhNimr was outspoken criticism,’ he added, saying the ‘unfairly-spilled blood of oppressed martyr #SheikhNimr will affect rapidly & Divine revenge will seize Saudi politicians’.”

“Sheikh Nimr had been a figurehead in the anti-government protests that erupted in the wake of the Arab Spring up to his arrest in 2012.”

The animosity or hatred between Sunni and Shiite Muslims is stronger than the hatred held by the southern states about the northern states that led to the American civil. Allow me to explain:

“The conflict between the two Islamic sects goes back to the death of their prophet Muhammad in 632 AD when a successor was to be named to lead the Islamic people. The majority, the Sunni, wanted the community to select the new leader and a minority, the Shiites or Shia, insisted that Muhammad’s successor be a family member, namely Ali who was Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law, married to his daughter Fatimah.”

“The Sunni majority won out and named the first caliph, but the Shiite minority was not happy and tensions soon flared into conflicts. Eventually Ali was named as the fourth caliph, but it was too late. Ali was murdered at Kufa in present day Iraq in 661 AD as were several of the early caliphs.”

“Ali’s son Hussein assumed the leadership of the Shiites and openly rejected the rule of the Sunni caliph. Hussein continued to defy the caliph and eventually faced the caliph’s very large army with only 72 followers, many of which were family members. The caliph’s army massacred Hussein and his small group. He was beheaded and his head was taken to the Sunni caliph in Damascus. His body was left on the battlefield until it was burned and buried.”

For the past 1300 years Sunni and Shiite Muslims have been at odds. Many of the civil wars and skirmishes that have taken place in the Middle East over the past 1300 years have been due to the bitter hatred between the two Muslim sects. That’s why I’ve long contended that it is extremely naïve of our government to believe that they can actually bring peace to the Middle East.

If Khamenei’s threat of divine revenge becomes a reality and Shiite Muslims retaliate against Saudi Arabia’s Sunni leadership, there is a good possibility of a full-fledged war breaking out between Iran and Saudi Arabia. If that happens, it could spark further conflicts between Shiite and Sunni Muslims throughout the Middle East. With so many nations dependent upon Middle East oil, a war in the entire region could very well spill out in much of the rest of world and yes, the US will most likely get involved as well but this time a world war will surely come to our shores and endanger us all.

World war happened once over the death of one man and may just happen again.

Walid Shoebat is an expert in these matters and offers a clear biblical perspective of these events:

When we tell you that Iran (biblical Elam) will soon wipe Saudi Arabia off the face of the map, you better believe it, Isaiah 21 confirmed it and it will be done. Today Iran’s Ayatullah threatens: “I have no doubt that this pure blood will stain the collar of the House of Saud and wipe them from the pages of history,” says Iran’s Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami. The threat with complete annihilation came as result when King Salman of Saudi Arabia today executed an Ayatullah figure named Nimr Al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia. So like birth pangs, this speeds up the end of Saudi Arabia by the hand of Elam/Iran (Isaiah 21).
There are only 47 Ayatollahs in the world and 17 of them are assigned to 8 Muslim countries outside Iran and yesterday the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, decided to behead one of them; Nimr Al-Nimr who was executed privately among 47 others on terrorism charges in an indoor beheading fest that was carried out in small batches throughout the kingdom.

The event sparked havoc all throughout; Shiites ignited in riots in several countries, Qatif, the Shiite community in Saudi Arabia are revolting while the Saudi Embassy in Mashhad, Iran was set ablaze with calls to destroy Saudi Arabia which echoed throughout the Shiite world while Iran vowed to destroy Al-Saud.

The execution was carried out few days when Erdogan of Turkey, the candidate for Caliph of the Muslim world had visited with King Salman and entered the Gate to Allah (Bab-Illah) in the Kabaa in Mecca. The King perhaps is confident that his back is covered by major Muslim sunni power, the Caliph to be, the neo-Ottoman Erdogan. This, we predict, will backfire on Saudi Arabia.

Ayatullah Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, the Ayatullah appointed in Saudi Arabia to represent the Shiites

Several videos surfaced showing the havoc. The first two is setting Saudi embassy ablaze in Mashhad, the other two are the riots in Qatif, the Shiite region of Saudi Arabia.

The title Ayatollah is from Arabic: آية الله‎, āyatu allah “Sign of Allah”, and is the highest ranking title given to Usuli Twelver Shī‘ah clerics after the Grand Ayatollah and are considered experts in Islamic jurisprudence, ethics, and philosophy.

The best way to relate this story to the western mindset is perhaps to compare the feud between the English (as the Sunnis) and the Scottish (as the Shiites) where William Wallace had become the hated enemy of King Edward I, the Longshanks who eventually had Wallace beheaded. Nimr, according to the Saudi Kingdom was a cause of much controversy for leading a Shiite uprising within the Sunni kingdom.

As it was in Wallace’s mock trial, Nimr’s trial was no ordinary criminal trial, since the prosecutor sought to convict al-Nimr of “waging war on Allah” and was ultimately convicted of “disobeying” the king; waging violence against the state; inviting “foreign meddling” in the kingdom; inciting vandalism and sectarian violence; and insulting the Prophet Muhammad’s relatives, a thing that all Shiites are accused by Sunnis because of their theological convictions. The prosecutor requested the court to have the Ayatollah to be publicly executed by “beheading crucifixion” (just as they did to William Wallace), a rare method of execution that entails beheading the individual before publicly displaying his decapitated body on a crucifix.

Since the October 15, 2014 ruling to execute Nimr, Iran was up-in-arms and the international human rights organizations including the U.S have sought to pressure Saudi Arabia into sparing al-Nimr’s life while demonstrations erupted in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen and the United Kingdom, even including Bashar Al-Assad of Syria and Hezbollah.

The King carried out the execution despite requests from U.S. state department showing that Saudi Arabia realizes its ally, the U.S., no longer is the protector. Keep in mind, the executions were carried out after Erdogan of Turkey (the new fledgling protector) of the kingdom entered into the heart of the Kaaba.

The beheading was celebrated by Saudis and scorned by Shiites.

Welcome to Muslim death festivity. Cake and Halva with decoration that says “To hell with you Nimr Al-Nimr” with two chalices of red drink resembling Nimr’s blood for drink. Keep in mind when the Two Witnesses in Revelation are executed in Jerusalem, that sweets are passed in celebration resembles Muslim joy.

Tweets like “the martyred Nimr’s blood is the beginning of the end of the Kingdom of Daesh” filled Twitter. Shiites render Saudi Arabia as the instigator and originator of Daesh (ISIS). Another tweet says “the blood of martyred Sheikh Nimr will remove Al-Saud from existence and will draw the pathway for freedom of the people of Saudi Arabia”.

The last mass execution of similar scale in Saudi Arabia was in 1980, when 63 jihadists were put to death after they seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

The executions of at least 157 people in 2015, a year that began with the inauguration of a new monarch, King Salman, were a sharp increase from the 90 people put to death in 2014. Saudi officials have argued that the increase reflects not a change in policy but a backlog of death sentences that had built up in the final years of the previous monarch, King Abdullah.

The spark to end Saudi Arabia perhaps has begun. Emirati political scientist, Abdulkhaliq Abdulla,wrote on Twitter, adding that the kingdom was better prepared to confront Iran “than at any other time.”

The cyber rattling between Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia stems from ancient wounds that will never be resolved, with Saudi Arabia having destroyed Shiite holy places and Iran making countless claims of persecution. Iran has recently forbidden its citizens from traveling to Mecca to practice the Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam. Iran’s prohibition on traveling to Islam’s holiest sites, Mecca and Medina, confirms that Iran will even eventually abandon Mecca altogether. As it seems, the Sunni-Shiite divide reveals a major schism between two Muslim holy cities, Mecca on the one hand and Karbala (holiest site for Shiites in Iraq) on the other. The execution of Ayatullah Nimr will backfire on Al-Saud. Anyone today now can deduce that Iran with Iraq, a majority Shiite nation, soon to become Iranian controlled, this including Iranian controlled Yemen, Oman and later Bahrain will pin Saudi Arabia where they have only the Red Sea behind them and the enemy on its eastern flank leaving no escape. This is definitely a deadly combination and Saudi Arabia sees the writing on the wall: the Persians (Elam) are coming for Arabia (Isaiah 21). This is no longer prophetic theory but is becoming prophetic reality. In the geo-politics of everything Middle East, when Iran eventually controls these nations, even if one takes Jordan (Edom and Moab), prophetically will likely be entered by Turkey (Daniel 11:41) leaving no escape for the harlot except by the Red Sea. Yet the Bible even tells us that her destruction is heard at the Red Sea (Jeremiah 49:21) and is where the shipmasters will weep and wail “Alas Alas that great city …” (Revelation 18).

Saudi Arabia is rummaging to find a solution and sees the writing on the wall. The dual fulfillment of “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN ()” is on the horizon. And while it is explained to mean that God had “numbered” the kingdom of Babylon and brought it to an end; that the king had been weighed and found wanting; and that his kingdom was divided and given to the Medes and Persians (Dan. v. 1-28), we need not forget the duality of fulfillment here. This also applies to the end time Mystery Babylon which is not in Iraq, New York or Rome (see full detailed explanation here) but Arabia. Within few years, Mecca and its 7 massive structures, the largest building structure on earth, called “The Towers Of The House” that overlooks the Ka’ba, Islam’s holiest place will meet its doom in accordance to prophecy. There is no place on earth today where stands the largest structure in the world, used for a religious purpose, all worshipping in one tongue, regardless of their mother tongue, and is holy to more than 1.5 billion people on earth that is literally called Mount Babel today, except the one in Mecca overlooking the Ka’ba.

This is an un-healable divide and the Scriptures in Isaiah 21 predict that Iran will end up destroying Arabia, so let the symphony begin and let the angels proclaim God’s judgment which right after, the earth will rest and the holy people will rejoice.

Finally, Mark Davidson offers a brief but important comment:

Iran will run out and invade in the three directions: north, south and west. So says Daniel 8:4. This is the Second Signpost

To the west, Iran is already engaged antagonistically in limited combat with its enemy to the west: Islamic State.

We have yet to see a significant development to the north. However, Iran’s enemy, Turkey has restarted its war with the Kurds and perhaps Iran would be seen as a liberator.

But we have just witnessed a major development with Iran’s enemy to the south: Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. I believe we have just seen a big step forward to setting the stage for the Second Signpost in the south. Saudi Arabia has cut off diplomatic relations with Iran, and so has one of the Gulf States, Bahrain. A second Gulf State, the UAE, has cooled relations with Iran.

Like dominoes, the events are falling one after the other. First there was the execution of Nimr, than the burning of the Saudi embassy, then the cutting off of diplomatic relations. Historically, the cutting off of relations is a common sign often seen when two nations drift slowly towards war with each other.

The two best candidates for the longer horn on the ram, to lead the charge in the three directions: Major General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force, on the left, and Major General Ali Jafari, commander of the other four branches (Army, Navy, Rocket forces, Basij) of the IRGC, on the right. Both men report directly only to the first horn of the ram, the supreme leader.

We don’t know what exactly is next. But I believe we can know that it will culminate in the Second Signpost. Remember to keep the actual Second Signpost as the sign God’s word tells us to watch. All events preceding and marching towards the Second Signpost are only the preparation.

More Signs Poiting To The Iranian Invasion Of The Middle East As The Fulfilment Of Daniel 8

The futurist interpretation of Daniel argues that Daniel’s prophecies were not fulfilled but merely shadowed in ancient times.

Instead, they will be fulfilled in the lead up to the end of the age.

If this is indeed the case, the fulfilment of Daniel 8 would be a significant and defining event before the end of the age, one that would reshape the Middle East in preparation for the rise of antichrist.

Here is just one more reason Iran has to launch such an attack:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Saudi Arabian politicians will face “divine vengeance” for executing prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

Key points

Iran’s Supreme Leader warns of ‘divine vengeance’ for execution of Shiite cleric

Comments came after protesters attacked Saudi embassy in Tehran

US warns execution could inflame sectarian tensions

UN’s Ban Ki-moon ‘deeply dismayed’

The comments came as Iranian officials announced that 40 people had been arrested for attacking the Saudi Arabian embassy in Tehran with fire bombs.

The angry crowd set the building on fire and destroyed its interior.

“The unjustly spilled blood of this oppressed martyr will no doubt soon show its effect and divine vengeance will befall Saudi politicians,” state TV reported Ayatollah Khamenei as saying.

“This scholar neither encouraged people into armed action nor secretly conspired for plots but the only thing he did was utter public criticism rising from his religious zeal.”

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent cleric executed in Saudi Arabia, was a vocal critic of the kingdom’s ruling family.

It said he described the execution as a “political error”.

Sheikh Nimr was executed along with 46 others on Saturday, including three other Shiites and dozens of Al Qaeda members.

Despite Iran’s anger at the execution President Hassan Rouhani denounced the embassy attack, saying it was “totally unjustifiable”.

“The actions last night by a group of radicals in Tehran and Mashhad leading to damage at the Saudi embassy and consulate are totally unjustifiable, as the buildings should be legally and religiously protected in the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Mr Rouhani said.

Riyadh considered Sheikh Nimr a terrorist, but he was hailed in Iran as a champion of the rights of Saudi Arabia’s marginalised Shiite minority.

Analysts have speculated that the execution of Sheikh Nimr and the other Shiites was partly to demonstrate to Saudi Arabia’s majority Sunni Muslims that the government did not differentiate between political violence committed by members of the two sects.

Execution risks increasing sectarian tensions: US

 Iranian protesters set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran during a demonstration against the execution of prominent Shiite Muslim cleric Nimr al-Nimr by Saudi authorities, on January 2, 2016

PHOTO: Iranian protesters set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran. (AFP: Atta Kenare)

Despite the regional focus on Sheikh Nimr, the executions seemed mostly aimed at discouraging jihadism in Saudi Arabia, where dozens have died in the past year in attacks by Sunni militants.

The ruling Al Saud family has grown increasingly worried in recent years as Middle East turmoil, especially in Syria and Iraq, has boosted Sunni jihadists seeking to bring it down and given room to Iran to spread its influence.

A nuclear deal with Iran backed by Saudi Arabia’s biggest ally and protector, the United States, has done little to calm nerves in Riyadh.

But Saudi Arabia’s Western allies, many of whom supply it with arms, are growing concerned about its new assertiveness in the region and at home.

The US State Department said Sheikh Nimr’s execution “risks exacerbating sectarian tensions at a time when they urgently need to be reduced”.

The sentiment was echoed almost verbatim by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and an official at the German Foreign Ministry.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was “deeply dismayed” by the execution.

“Sheikh Nimr and a number of the other prisoners executed had been convicted following trials that raised serious concerns over the nature of the charges and the fairness of the process,” Mr Ban’s spokesman said in a statement.

Mr Ban raised the case with Saudi leaders on a number of occasions and urged Saudi Arabia to commute all death sentences that had been imposed, the spokesman said.

“The Secretary-General also calls for calm and restraint in reaction to the execution of Sheikh Nimr and urges all regional leaders to work to avoid the exacerbation of sectarian tensions,” the spokesman said.

Saudi Arabia’s 34 Islamic Nation Coalition And The Makings Of The Coming Sunni-Shiite War

It’s complex but watching the mainstream media won’t help you come to an informed understanding of the major players in Islam.

Walid Shoebat’s commentary is worth some serious consideration:

Whenever Mecca is involved in instigating war, it sparks and fuels apocalyptic mania amongst Jihadists where they flock to play the role and be counted as true Muslims for judgment day sake. Several things stand out immediately about this new Saudi-based 34 Islamic states Coalition to combat ISIS. Saudi Arabia says that it plans to form a Muslim antiterrorism coalition saying it underlined a new muscular foreign policy aimed at confronting ISIS. This adds assurance to Muslims regarding their version of apocalypse where prior to the appearance of the Muslim Mahdi that a conundrum is caused by the appearance of an anti-Mahdi. A very interesting development as result of the war in Syria, Iraq and now that Arabia is getting involved sparking an apocalyptic fervor throughout the Muslims world (which we will explain in more detail later).
The 34-member bloc will fight terrorism in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan, so declared Saudi Arabia. The question is, how can Saudi Arabia fight ISIS, without the agreement of the Shia-majority nations of Iran and Iraq which are noticeably absent, as is their ally Syria? Turkey never got approval from Iraq and is causing a fiasco. This spells out the whole issue, that is, Sunni Wahhabist Saudi Arabia will end up having to confront the Shiites of Syria, Iraq and Iran as well. This does not spell out Muslim prophecy only, but also biblical prophecy.

With a Saudi war on ISIS, is Saudi Arabia finally getting tired of its own vomit, ISIS, which in the first place sprouted out of Saudi Arabian pure Wahhabism?

Wahhabist Islam was tasty to Arabs when they concocted the Wahhabist recipe and ate it daily, but it was very bitter when they were forced to re-eat what they vomited having had enough of ISIS. This is why many Muslims rather tickle their throats with a feather since they subconsciously know what Islam is all about.

This is so true, especially in Saudi Arabia itself. So is Wahhabism ready to denounce a Caliphate just because they prefer a monarchy? And how will such verdict square in the Muslim world; Saudi Arabia fighting ISIS very strongly will undermine its authority at home; how could Wahhabists religiously justify fighting other Wahhabists?

Saudi Arabia is checkmated no matter how one slices and dices the issues.

It has a hard-time combating ISIS. Didn’t we all hear this war on ISIS before? Back in March, didn’t the Arabs declare:

“Arab foreign ministers meeting in Egypt agreed a draft resolution to form a unified military force, in a move aimed at countering growing regional security threats … The Arab league chief described the resolution as ‘historic’ … The 22 Arab states often have different views on how to tackle crises and calls for a unified force in the past have failed to produce tangible results … Conflicts are intensifying in Yemen and Libya and the civil war in Syria is entering its fifth year … Islamic State militants have taken over swathes of Iraq and Syria and spawned splinter groups across the Arab world”

And what happened with that draft resolution? Nothing. It was all about Saudi Arabia bombing the crap out of the Shiite Houthis in Yemen, not ISIS.

This is more reason to believe that a Shiite-Saudi war is on the horizon. Many concluded that a Sunni-Shiite war will erupt. This analysis lacks in understanding that not all Sunnis are anti-Shiite as in the Turkish Sufis who also harbor hatred towards the Saudis just as much as the Shiites do. Although this is hidden in the daily Turkish expression in the media, nevertheless it is a historic vendetta since Saudis worked with the British to dismantle the Ottoman Empire in the past.

Saudi record proves the case. Arab allies conducted only 143 of the 2,827 airstrikes against ISIS in Syria in one whole year, while it sometimes conducted as many as 125 strikes against the Houthi Shiites in Yemen a day, according to the BBC.

But the problem for Saudi Arabia is that Syria doesn’t border Saudi Arabia like Yemen does, plus Saudis view Shiite-Alawite Assad just as they view Yemen, as the root problem, and have argued from the beginning (just as Obama argues and Turkey argued as well) that Assad has to be defeated first in order to defeat ISIS.

The declaration of war on ISIS by Saudi Arabia, has more to do with elevating its negative image. There are more reasons that Saudi Arabia is the whore that is hated by the surrounding nations which, will end up burning her. It is an attempt in trying to clean up its own ISIS image. Saudi Arabia found itself at the centre of several human rights controversies for its use of the same abuses ISIS does: public floggings, stonings and even beheadings as means of punishments and is also embroiled in an online storm after a Justice Ministry official reportedly threatened to SUE a Twitter user for likening the country’s approach to human rights to those seen in ISIS.

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UK has attacked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for suggesting the kingdom supports ISIS. Saudi Arabia is involved in funding ISIS, a theory shared by many journalists and Middle East analysts and the Saudis want to clear their name.

And to top it all, in the Arab world, we have a saying “The Arabs agreed never to agree”!

The Arab states will argue over the exact definition of terrorism. The Saudi authorities’ interpretation of it extends far beyond the violent actions of armed insurgents. Recent legislation has branded peaceful opposition activists and reformers, whether online or in the street, as suspected “terrorists” and a security risk to the state. Amnesty International said it had concerns that this new coalition could be used to further restrict human rights.

Saudi Arabia is becoming hated by the day and needs to clean its image. In announcing the coalition, the Saudis stated that Islam forbids “corruption and destruction in the world” and that terrorism represents “a serious violation of human dignity and rights, especially the right to life and the right to security”.

Where is this in Sharia? No where. This is why they are using all the secular talk.


Where Muslims fight each other in Arabia and the Levant (Syria), it sparks the prophecy that goes viral in the Muslim world regarding their view of their versions of the man of sin. The war and rumors of war in Syria and now stemming from Mecca itself with involvement of the royal family fuels Jihadists on both sides of the fence, be it the Shiites or the Sunnis. This spells out, in the Muslim mind, the Muslim version of Armageddon.

Here, let me explain. Just as Christian prophecy has a Christ and a false Christ called Antichrist, Muslim prophecy has a Mahdi and a false Mahdi (anti-Mahdi) they call Sufyani who comes from the lineage of Muhammad the prophet of Islam just as some Protestants believe that Antichrist comes from the lineage of Abraham being a Jew.

And just as Christians divide between Catholic view and Protestant view, where the Antichrist arises from, Muslims too divide as to where the Anti-Mahdi arises from.

Its the devil’s oldest trick in dividing human beings causing them to kill each other.

What better idea than to transfer the idea of Harlot from being Saudi Arabia where Protestants who do not pay close attention to the biblical narrative regarding the harlot of Babylon, believe that Vatican is “Antichrist and Harlot”?

Such divide caused the death of hordes of Christians who were stupid enough to believe a demonically inspired interpretation when Babylon is clearly in the region of the Middle East and not in Europe!

Jesus gave us a key, biblical wisdom has it, that we must understand the mindset of God and also understand the mindset of the devil (be as wise as serpents).

Likewise with Muslims, the devil is also at work. Many devout Shiites view the Syrian civil war as the fulfillment of a Shiite version of the prophecy that presages the end of time: a devil-like figure, Sufyani, raises an army in Syria and marches on Iraq to kill Shiites. At times ISIS’s Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is viewed as the Sufyani while others believe the leader of Qatar, a chief backer of Syria’s Sunni rebels is (the anti-Mahdi) Sufyani. These two come from Muhammad’s lineage as many Saudi royals do.

And the Muslims do not take these issues kiddingly. Thousands are flocking to Syria to protect Islam from the Sufyani. It’s the kind of stuff the western media never tells you about.

Despite fighting bitterly against each other in Iraq and Syria, Sunni and Shi‘a Islamists have been drawn to the battlefield are motivated by this common apocalyptic belief believing that they are fighting in the vanguard of the Mahdi, the Muslim savior whom the Prophet Muhammad prophesied would appear in the Levant (the coastal Mediterranean region that includes Syria and Lebanon).

Muslims killing one another somehow fulfilling a prophecy of Muslims defeating infidels as a standard since these prophecies arose from sectarian conflicts in early Islam waged in Iraq and the Levant.

What is going on between Sunni and Shiites is a parallel to past Islamic prophecies. And if God has parallels in the Bible, the devil who studies the Bible has arranged similar parallels for the rebellious Muslims.

How these prophecies developed stem from Muslim history in Arabia itself. Soon after the death of Muhammad, civil wars or tribulations consumed the Muslim empire as Muhammad’s immediate successors, the caliphs where partisans on both sides circulated prophecies in the name of the Prophet to support their sect. For such divisive war the prophecy of “the Sufyani” arose.

According to the prophecies, the Sufyani descends from Abu Sufyan, the leader of Muhammad’s tribe in Mecca who persecuted the Prophet and his early followers. Although Abu Sufyan and his family later converted to Islam, Abu Sufyan’s son fought Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali, for control of the Islamic empire and eventually became caliph, establishing the Umayyad dynasty that ruled for nearly a century.

And today, this apocalyptic vision is transcribed all throughout the Arab and Persian media. Watching the invited analysts in any Arab TV where there is a Sunni and a Shiite in the fair-and-balanced clip it became customary to see these terms “Umayyad” or “Safawi/Safavid” in almost every heated argument where a Shiite would call the Sunni analyst “Umayyad” while the Sunni calls the Shiite “Safawi rebel”.

An Umayyad Calph pictured on an early Umayyad coin. Notice the Ziggurat with the pole and crescent moon on top, reminiscent to Babylon

Such prophecies have become reality even when it comes to stereotyping. Sunnis dismiss Arab Shias as Safawis (a term that paints them as Iranian agents from the Safavid empire), rafidha (rejecters of the faith), and “majus” (Magi, Zoroastrian or crypto Persian), to describe Shias. Iranians describe Sunnis as takfiris (code for al-Qaeda/ISIS terrorists) and Wahhabis. In fact, and unlike what prevails western media, it has become the norm today to see the the Turks accused by Arabs all over the Middle East media of being “the Ottoman Empire” while the Iranians are being called “the Persian Empire”. Insults are tossed back and forth for current governments in Turkey and Iran since these days these empires are believed to already have been re-created and to the Muslims worldwide it has become reality.

The only ones who it is not becoming the standard is in the West, where the belief in Scripture prevails. So we have the Muslim world acknowledging such reality and they do not know the Bible and we have the West which claims it does believe in the Bible and are clueless.

As one might expect, the partisans of the losing side, called the “Shi‘at Ali” (“partisans of Ali” or “Safawi” and later just “the Shi‘a”), began circulating words of the Prophet prophesying the new dynasty’s downfall at the hands of the Mahdi, a member of the Prophet’s family who would defeat the dynasty’s champion, the Sufyani, in the Levant. To Shiites this would be the the Saudis and the Qatari.

“When the Sufyani reaches Kufa [a city in Iraq] and kills the supporters of the family of Muhammad, the Mahdi will come,” goes one early prophecy.

“All of us believe the Sufyani will fight the Imam, and the Prophet will kill him in the land of al-Sham (Greater Syria)” asserts the secretary general of Iraqi Hezbollah.

“We want to stress that what is happening in al-Sham is the beginning of the tribulation and is the beginning of the appearance of the army of the Sufyani, which is now called the Free Army.”

When it comes to Sunnis, not all of them believe that Sufyani is bad. He is seen fighting on the side of the Mahdi against his enemies: “The Sufyani and the Mahdi will come forth like two race horses. The Sufyani will subdue (the region) that is next to him, and the Mahdi will subdue (the region) next to him.”

Sufyani is a national hero for some Sunnis today, especially those in Syria—the historic homeland and seat of government for the Sufyani’s ancestors. “God willing, all of us will be in the army of the Sufyani, who will appear in (Syria) by the permission of Allah,” prayed Adnan al-Arur, a popular Syrian Salafi cleric and supporter of the rebellion who currently lives in Saudi Arabia.

The fact that these prophecies mention the same place names that are the scenes of today’s battles only heightens the prophecies’ relevance to the current conflict—and makes them attractive material for jihadi recruitment pitches by Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria and the Nusra Front.


These coming battles will only cause more divides between Shiites and Sunnis when Iran wants control over Mecca and Medina. These two cities are significant issues that divide Shiites and Sunnis. Mecca is the Muslim direction of prayer. When Shiite Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in 2013 said that the Shiite holy city of Karbala must be the new Qibla (direction to which Muslims pray) instead of Mecca, it stirred anger from Sunnis worldwide. If and when Shiites do away with Mecca as direction of prayer and its significance is undermined, Shiite Iran, united with Shiite Iraq and Yemen and possibly even the Sufis of Turkey (for old vendettas) will threaten Arabia.

“Karbala must be the Qibla of the Islamic world because Imam Hussein [the Prophet Mohammad’s second grandson, and an important figure in Shia Islam] is buried there,” Maliki said.

Muslim prophecy does not end at the Sufyani and the coming Mahdi only, there is also the Shiite version of the destruction of their own version of the Harlot of Babylon. People ignore that Islam is a Christian heresy and not simply another new religion. To Shia, Karbala supersedes Mecca just as Geneva to Protestants supersedes Rome. In the Shiite faith, there was a feud between the two cities. When Mecca felt haughty and arrogant that Allah warns her, he will toss the Ka’ba in hellfire and will utterly destroy her. This, in accordance to one very popular Shiite belief which utterly terrifies and angers Saudi Arabia:

Once the land of Ka’bah (Mecca) declared proudly, ‘Which land is like me? Allah has made His House on me. People from all parts of the earth come to pay homage to me. I have been made sacrosanct (haram) and sacred by Allah.’ On hearing this Allah, revealed, ‘Be silent! Wait a little (before you say anything further). By My Might and My Honour, the excellence and distinction I have granted to the land of Karbala is more than what I have given you. Compared to Karbala, your position is like a needle head sized drop in front of the sea. If the dust of Karbala had not been there, I would never have bestowed this honour upon you. If the one resting in Karbala (Imam Husain (a.s.)) had not been there, I would neither have created you nor the House over which you are so haughty. Wait, adopt humility and modesty and don’t be arrogant and boastful. Don’t try to prevail over Karbala in importance (as that is not possible). Else I will be displeased with you and throw you in Hell.’ (Kaamil al-Ziarat, p.267, tradition 13, narrating from Imam Ja’far al-Al-Sadiq also see here)

Indeed, Mecca can be seen as a needle head by the Red Sea (see also Jeremiah 49-51). Indeed, this is Shia belief in which Arabia’s pride will cause Iran to finally do the honors and utterly destroy the Ka’ba using its nukes. It is for this reason that both sides are currently arming themselves to the teeth.

Karbala, not Mecca, is Iran’s holiest place. It was in it that al-Ḥusayn ibn ‘Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib was martyred. To Shiites, he is their Messiah. He is the son of Ali ibn Abi Ṭalib (fourth Rashidun Caliph of Sunni Islam, and first Imam of Shia Islam) and Fatimah Zahra (daughter of the Muhammad). Al-Husayn refused to pledge allegiance to Yazid I, the Umayyad caliph because he considered the rule of the Umayyads unjust. As a consequence, he left Medina, his home town, and traveled to Mecca. There, the people of Kufa sent letters to him, asking his help and pledging their allegiance to him. So he traveled towards Kufa. At Karbala his caravan was intercepted by Yazid I‘s army. He was killed and beheaded in the Battle of Karbala in 680 (61 AH) by Shimr Ibn Thil-Jawshan, along with most of his family and companions. The annual memorial for him, his family, his children and his companions is called Ashura (tenth day of Muharram) and is a day of mourning for Shiite Muslims. The killings at Karbala fueled the later Shiite movements. Anger at Husayn’s death was turned into a rallying cry that helped undermine and ultimately overthrow the Umayyad Caliphate.

Westerners should comprehend the significance of this divide on how Shiite messianism and near worship of Hussein whom they blame Arabia for as well as the rise of Sufyani, could appreciate a scene from Karbala as the grave of Hussein is paraded on Ashura where millions have their needles stuck at the time when Hussein was killed:

And it is similar to the way Christians view Christ. In the song, Hussein from his death supposedly cries out to all the Shiite pilgrims: “You know me. I am the redeemer (Messiah) of the world. I register your names [in heaven]. Welcome my visitors. O you vist me. I make a covenant with you. You know me. I am the redeemer of the world. Your banners you carry comfort me. Your tears quenches my thirst … I will not abandon you on day of judgment.” Even Hussein’s mother Fatima Al-Zahra’ she is viewed as if she was Mary, a saint that can also see them and her son was martyred as Messiah.

No matter what political gibberish one listens to these days, and no matter how many times Benjamin Netanyahu calls to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons and no matter what prophecy teachers proclaim that Israel will hit Iran’s nuclear facilities, they are all wrong; Iran will build nuclear weapons, but instead of aiming them at Israel, they will aim them at Mecca.

This and for many other reasons, the noose is tightening on Al-Sa’ud which now rummages to form a Sunni Alliance to save itself. Arabia’s days are numbered. There has been an immense oversight by many in the field of biblical eschatology; that when it comes to the destruction of end-days Babylon, Scripture makes no mention of any of the ancient Babylonian cities: Nineveh, Ur, Babel, Erech, Accad, Sumer, Assur, Calneh, Mari, Karana, Ellpi, Eridu, Kish, or Tikrit. All of the literal references in Scripture are in Arabia. The reason for such oversight is simple; people overly focused on traditional rhetoric while God focuses on a plan that He etched in the Bible. The use “Babylon is fallen is fallen” references Arabia, literally. Isaiah even brilliantly predicted that Iran (biblical Elam) must and will destroy Arabia. In Isaiah 21:9, Isaiah levels a prophetic oracle against Babylon using the same announcement in Revelation 18:1-2 and Revelation 14:8: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen”:

“The burden against Dumah” (Isaiah 21:11)

“The burden against Arabia” (Isaiah 21:13)

“All the glory of Kedar will fail” (Isaiah 21:16)

These “Dumah” and “Kedar” are all in Arabia as well as “Arabia” (v.13) is also in Arabia; it can’t get any clearer than this, which is destroyed by Iran “Elam” (Isaiah 21:2) in a complete wipeout.

The Bible is also precise and pinpoints a geographic location for this “Babylon” as was predicted in Jeremiah 49:21, literally, “the Red Sea” which confirms Arabia’s destruction. This is also confirmed in Revelation 18 regarding the harlot city:

“And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning” (Revelation 18:9). “And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, ‘What [city is] like unto this great city!” (Revelation 18:18).

And once one studies Isaiah 34, there should be no doubt. In nearly identical language concerning Mystery Babylon in Revelation 17, 18:

“Its streams shall be turned into pitch and its dust into brimstone; its land shall become burning pitch. It shall not be quenched night or day; its smoke shall ascend forever” (Isaiah 34:8-10).

Incredibly, almost three millennia before the discovery of fuel oil, Isaiah predicted the burning of the very thing that was used in Babel to build a name for the rebellious ones – the pitch. Pitch is bitumen and tar, which technically is simply crude oil.

This judgment on “Edom” which extends from Teman (Yemen) to Dedan on the Red Sea coast:

“Thus Says the Lord GOD; ‘Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah by taking vengeance, and hath greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them. ‘Therefore thus Says the Lord GOD; ‘I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, and will cutt off man and beast from it; and I will make it desolate from Teman; and they of Dedan shall fall by the sword’” (Ezekiel 25:12-13).

Is it no wonder why Teman (Yemen) today is in turmoil as I write with the Shiites there upset with Arabia? Karbala will destroy Mecca. Students of the Bible should pay closer attention to the geographic locations which God focused on instead of their preconceived suppositions by imposing their own geography over the Bible.

What Islam did to the Christians and Jews is not forgotten by God and He will use the devil’s prophecies to fulfill his own destruction and give God the glory.

Culture In The New West And How It Will Impact The Church

Western Christians are living in an era where for the first time in centuries, the culture of our nations no longer reflect our values and the general population actually rejects Christianity.

Our brethren on three continents – Africa, Aisa, and South America – have rarely if ever experienced even the slightest degree of the acceptance and freedom that we have come to expect and demand.

Those days are gone.

We are about to begin learning to trust on God like only a church in exile from the culture can.

Let me be clear – this is a good thing!

Certainly, no one should pursue persecution and social exclusion but when it comes unwanted and unwarranted, it makes Christian men out of boys and turns biblical milk-drinkers into meat-chewers.

Let me be equally clear – this will be a painful transition!

Anyone who has ever fasted knows pain and being a Christian in a culture where Christ is rejected is a fasted lifestyle. 

Facet by facet, we will be forced to fast, from freedom to comfort to inclusion.

Frankly, it will make us more Christ-like Christians.

Joseph Mattera has compiled a list of ways that the drastic shift in Western culture will impact the church and I recommend this as one place to begin the mental and spiritual preparation, if you have not yet begun: 


With the United States tilting towards the left as shown in the recent national elections the church must prepare for a new normal in regards to our lives and ministries. The Body of Christ has to realize it is no longer “business as usual”! Every conservative and liberal pundit I am reading is saying virtually the same thing: that our nation has just experienced a dramatic cultural shift similar to what transpired in the 1960s! (For example, read the CNN online opinion article 2013: America on the cusp of social change.)

In my opinion, unless the Body of Christ is able to bring about a genuine countercultural shift, the following are some of the possible projections we will experience in the next decade:

There will be a move towards limiting freedom of religion

The present move towards secularism in our nation will produce a climate of hostility towards freedom of speech in both the religious and public sectors. In response to an increase in violence there will not only be a move towards increased gun control (I have been a proponent of increasing background checks including psychological vetting that would forbid the mentally unstable and those using certain prescription drugs the right to purchase guns, as well as greatly limiting who can obtain assault weapons) and a move against senseless violence celebrated in video games, television and movies (which should have happened yesterday!); there will also be many cultural gatekeepers who will attempt to censor what is preached from the pulpit and on the airwaves—all in the name of hate speech that can (supposedly) incite bullying and domestic terrorism. This will result in forbidding the exposition of Bible passages from pulpits and on the airwaves in which God condemns certain sexual practices and lifestyles (Leviticus 18; Romans 1) that our secular society not only tolerates but also celebrates. Lest anyone think this cannot happen in America: presently, in neighboring Canada, preaching against certain sexual lifestyles is legally censored in local churches and over the airwaves.

There will be more scrutiny of religious leaders and institutions

Congress and the IRS will continue to closely watch religious leaders and institutions they deem countercultural to the kind of neutered, syncretistic humanistic society they desire. As Karl Marx deemed religion “the opium of the people” that should be eradicated, those that tend towards socialism deem traditional nuclear families and activist Bible-believing churches a threat to their desire for the secular state to regulate and rule every aspect of culture, human life and society.

Since the beginning of time there has always been a war between God and autonomous men who try to build their own towers and empires that reach to heaven so they can control their own destiny (Genesis 11:1-8; Isaiah 14:12-14; Daniel chapters 2, 4, 7; Obadiah vv. 2-3; Psalm 2).

There will be a move towards revoking tax-exempt status for religious leaders, churches and ministries

Even now in New York City churches must fill out a form every year just to maintain their tax-exempt status (as required by the NYC Department of Finance)! Churches that somehow didn’t receive the application in the mail or who failed to fill it out in time must start the process of receiving tax-exempt status all over again! I am sure hundreds or even thousands of churches miss the deadline every year; filling out this application gives the city more up-to-date information on every single church and is probably the first step towards gradually taking tax exemption status away from as many houses of worship as possible! (One person from the DOF visited our church three times last year demanding to know how our building was used every day, what we do with our property, and if other people or organizations are renting our facilities, all to determine whether or not we were disqualified for at least part of our tax exemption status! Of course, we were able to prove that we use our facilities every day for church non-profit use.) Look for this to become more of a national movement as approved by Congress and local municipalities in order to collect more tax monies to make up for the huge budget deficit.

There will be more evangelical leaders espousing universalism, same-sex marriage, gay theology and gay gene theory

More and more people-pleasing preachers who desire cultural acceptance rather than choosing to suffer with Christ (Hebrews 11:25-26) will move away from biblical orthodoxy and teach a form of syncretism in which they preach that Jesus died, was buried and rose, but that He also automatically saved all people (e.g. like Bishop Carlton Pearson who teaches the universal gospel of inclusion or ultimate reconciliation in which even the devil will ultimately be saved!).

More preachers will also affirm same-sex marriage and teach that people are born with gay genes. Thus it is not a sinful lifestyle because God created them that way! There will be more out and open churches and ministers who preach the gospel, sing the same songs as evangelicals, but espouse gay theology and perform same-sex weddings (a la Brian McLaren).

This new phenomena will increase as the culture continues to escalate its celebration of homosexuality.

There will be just as many terrorism concerns from our citizens as there are from foreigners

Unfortunately, the horrible tragedy in Newtown is only the tip of the iceberg! As I said in a previous article (Why Guns Are Not to Blame for the Newtown Massacre), in the past 30 years there have been 62 mass shootings in our nation! Even the day of that shooting I heard there were other similar plots foiled that day and the days immediately following! There were even death threats when some Connecticut churches met to honor the dead! This is the fruit of a generation that is brought up in a culture of death that celebrates a women’s right to suck a baby’s brains out (in partial-birth or post-birth abortion) in the name of freedom and progress, who are brought up playing hours and hours of violent video games, and who are brought up in broken, dysfunctional families. (Is it a coincidence that Adam Lanza spiraled out of control after his parents divorced?)

Unfortunately, mass bloodletting has already been legally taking place since Roe v. Wade in 1973, resulting in about 40 -50 million unborn babies being slaughtered. The natural progression is to have illegal bloodletting by the very citizens who are told to tolerate and celebrate a women’s right to terminate her child! Having many violent young people arise out of the ashes of this culture of death is something we are going to have to continue to deal with if we do not have another Great Awakening that transforms our nation!

There will be more hyper-grace churches that espouse antinomianism

Antinomianism is a heretical teaching that has been around since the birth of the church. It teaches that Old Testament law is not in effect since the advent of Christ which introduced grace. Since the 1970’s many in the Body of Christ have gone from preaching positive confession to positive thinking to extreme seeker-sensitive messages (never preaching anything related to repentance, judgment, the cross and hell). Now we have extreme grace churches that teach once a person is saved they are in grace and can live any way they want without forfeiting their salvation.

Furthermore, there are even popular preachers who go as far as saying that Christians can do without reading the Old Testament since all we need is the New Testament which is built upon better promises. This is in spite of the fact that when Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (“that all scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work”) he was referring to the Old Testament since the New Testament epistles were not yet universally viewed as scripture or even fully written.

Furthermore, all the original apostles and writers of the New Testament only had the Old Testament as scripture and largely based their sermons on it. For example, Peter’s message after the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost was based on Joel 2:28-32; Stephen’s speech before the Jewish council (Acts 7) was based on God’s metanarrative of redemptive history with the nation of Israel as found in the Old Covenant; Paul’s sermon in Acts 13 is replete with Old Testament scripture; James used Amos 9:11-12 as his text to render his salvific decision regarding the Gentiles in Acts 15; also, the four gospels, the books of Romans, Hebrews and Galatians and other epistles cannot be understood unless a person is familiar with the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament written by Moses); the book of James was largely based on the wisdom literature of the Old Testament, especially the book of Proverbs; the book of Revelation cannot be understood without studying Old Testament prophetic literature. Paul the Apostle even went as far as saying that the Old Testament was written for (New Testament) believers so they may have hope and learn from its narrative and turn away from evil (Romans 15:4; 1 Corinthians 10:6-11).

Further confusion comes from the epistles of Paul and Hebrews that seem to teach that Old Testament law was done away with in Christ, which leads some to the conclusion there is no place for the law of God in the church. However, Paul made it clear that, while we are not saved or justified by the law (Romans 3:21), Christians are expected to uphold the standard of the (moral) law by their lives (Romans 3:31; 8:4). The law doesn’t save us, but the moral law is the standard by which Jesus measures holiness, both inward and outward (Matthew 5:27-30; Hebrews 8:10). This means the Ten Commandments are used as a way for God to convict us of sin for the process of holiness and sanctification to be worked inside of us. Jesus even said that He didn’t come to abolish the law but to fulfill it (Matthew 5:17).

Furthermore, the Ten Commandments have been quoted or alluded to hundreds of times in the New Testament, proving that the moral law is still our standard in church. (For example, in Ephesians 6:1-3 Paul quotes the fifth commandment. He also constantly admonishes the saints not to lie, commit adultery, commit idolatry, covet or steal from one another in passages such as in Ephesians 4:25,28; 5:3-6). The New Testament scriptures teach us that the Old Testament sacrificial system has been done away with (Hebrews 8:13) because Jesus, as the Lamb of God (John 1:29), took away the sins of the world thus nullifying the need to sacrifice animals, receive circumcision, and keep the ceremonial law for forgiveness of sins (Hebrews 9:13-14; 10:1-14). But never in the word of God does the standard of the Ten Commandments get put aside as our moral ethic (Romans 3:31).

Finally, we need to take heed to Jude 4 and Romans 6:1 which teach against a lawless Christianity (antinomianism) that distorts the grace of God to mean that Christians can live any way we desire!

There may be more natural disasters related to extreme weather and seismic shifts of the earth

Second Chronicles 7:14 teaches us that if God’s people seek His face and turn from their wicked ways that God will heal the land. The opposite is this: if God’s people do not seek the Lord and repent then there will be repercussions that can affect the land or nature itself. In Amos 4:6-11 God warns His people that He will use the weather and natural disasters to rebuke them. The curses of Deuteronomy 28 related to national disobedience also include judgments related to using nature to punish disobedience and rebellion.

As the United States continues to slide towards the way of Sodom I believe there will be more and more instances of severe weather wreaking havoc as well as natural disasters. (Of course the humanists will blame severe weather on manmade global warming.) Ideally, the church will alter the course of history with much prayer, fasting, identificational repentance for the sins of our nation, and in working to change the laws related to our culture of death as shown in legalized abortion and senseless violence shown in media.

Increasing ideological differences between Americans will (functionally) result in “two nations” instead of “United States”

This past election demonstrates more clearly than ever that we are a divided nation. More and more our 50 states are only united in name! There are political, ethnic, philosophical and economic differences that are so severe it is stifling the ability of Congress and elected officials to get anything done. Both liberal and conservative media continue to perpetuate and consolidate this bifurcation, which is leading to greater polarity instead of greater unity. It wouldn’t be a stretch to rename our country “the Divided States of America” as our disunity is the greatest it has ever been since the Civil War broke out in the 19th century! Some prophetic people I have spoken to even believe that if our recent national election were very close (like it was in 2000) it would have resulted in riots breaking out in many cities because their man wasn’t elected!

In the past, even Great Awakenings failed to stop bloodshed because both sides were so entrenched that people resisted the Holy Spirit. (The First Great Awakening in America led to the consolidation of the 13 original colonies resulting in the Revolutionary War against England in the 18th century. The Second Great Awakening led by Charles Finney consolidated the division between North and South over slavery resulting in the Civil War!) I am concerned that if our nation ever experiences a total economic collapse with mass unemployment it may result in mass rioting and a sort of “un-civil” war that has been fomenting the past several decades because of the culture wars. I wouldn’t even be surprised if we began experiencing large secessionist movements with many wanting their states to break away from the nation!

Perhaps the only chance for change could be when the church reaches the next generation with the gospel and when principled statesmen of various ethnicities are elected to office who have the guts to make the changes necessary, irrespective of the political consequences.

Finally, it is time for the church to seek the Lord and engage the culture more than ever before. Ultimately, only the Lord can raise the dead and take what’s wrong and make it right!

One Big Russian Step Towards Dismantling The U.S. Dollar As Global Reserve Currency

This has been on the agenda for a while now.

If I could figure this out, I find it difficult to believe that the U.S. government couldn’t and so I’m inclined to believe that catastrophic debt levels are all just part of the plan.

Now Russia is doing their bit and it all should work out nicely in some kind of New World Order but, contrary to the leftist hope, not to anyone’s benefit.

Michael Snyder’s commentary is ahead of the curve:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has introduced legislation that would deal a tremendous blow to the U.S. dollar. If Putin gets his way, and he almost certainly will, the U.S. dollar will be eliminated from trade between nations that belong to the Commonwealth of Independent States. In addition to Russia, that list of countries includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Obviously this would not mean “the death of the dollar”, but it would be a very significant step toward the end of the era of the absolute dominance of the U.S. dollar. Most people don’t realize this, but more U.S. dollars are actually used outside of the United States than are used inside this country. If the rest of the planet decides to stop accumulating dollars, using them to trade with one another, and loaning them back to us at ultra-low interest rates, we are going to be in for a world of hurt. Unfortunately for us, it is only a matter of time until that happens.

When I first read the following excerpt from a recent RT article, I was absolutely stunned…

Russian President Vladimir Putin has drafted a bill that aims to eliminate the US dollar and the euro from trade between CIS countries.

This means the creation of a single financial market between Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

“This would help expand the use of national currencies in foreign trade payments and financial services and thus create preconditions for greater liquidity of domestic currency markets”, said a statement from Kremlin.

For a long time, tensions have been building between the United States and Russia over Syria, Ukraine, the price of oil and a whole host of other issues. But I didn’t anticipate that things would get to this level quite yet. It is expected that Putin’s new bill will become law, and this is only one element of a much larger trend that is now developing.

You see, the truth is that Russia and China have both been dumping dollar-denominated assets for months. The following comes from a recent piece by Mac Slavo…

Last year Russia began unloading massive amounts of their US dollar reserves. In the month of December 2014 alone Putin sold some 20% of the country’s U.S. Treasurys, a move that further increased tensions surrounding what can only be described as economic warfare between East and West.

Then, as if part of a coordinated effort, this summer it was revealed that China had implemented a similar strategy, dumping half a trillion in dollar denominated assets.

But that’s just the beginning of the end for the US dollar. Amid a major meltdown in Chinese stock markets the People’s Republic sold off billions in dollar assets last week in what was reported to be an effort to stabilize their collapsing financial markets.

And now, as Russia’s economy collapses under the weight of American and European sanctions, including what many believe to be widespread downward manipulation of oil prices, Vladimir Putin is sending a clear signal to the central bank of the world’s reserve currency.

China has the second largest economy on the entire planet, and Russia has the tenth largest. In recent years, these two superpowers have become much tighter. For example, just consider this headline from Sputnik News that I came across just today: “Crippling US Foreign Policy Draws Russia, China Closer Together“.

And I don’t know if you have noticed, but U.S. relations with China have turned rather sour lately. Lots of accusations about spying and trade violations have been flying around, and just this week five Chinese warships were spotted off the coast of Alaska. In the months ahead, expect our relationship with China to continue to unravel.

If China and Russia were to both fundamentally reject the U.S. dollar at some point, much of the rest of the world may choose to follow suit.

So why is that important?

The fact that most of the nations of the world use our dollars to trade with one another creates a tremendous amount of artificial demand for our currency. In other words, the U.S. dollar is valued much higher than it otherwise would be just because it is the de facto reserve currency of the planet.

As a result, we can import massive amounts of products at super cheap prices. When we go to Wal-Mart or the dollar store, we can fill up our carts with lots and lots of ridiculously inexpensive stuff. Our standard of living is way higher than it actually should be.

And because the U.S. dollar is used so widely in global trade, major exporting nations end up with giant piles of our currency which they have been willing to lend back to us at ultra-low interest rates. This has made it possible to fund our massively bloated federal government and to go 18 trillion dollars in debt.

If the rest of the world stops using our dollars and stops playing our game, we will be in a tremendous amount of trouble. The cost of imported products would absolutely skyrocket and our standard of living would go way down.

In addition, the federal government (along with state and local governments) would have to pay much more to borrow money which would rapidly create a gigantic debt crisis.

So Russia knows where they could really hurt us. Most of the “power” that America currently projects around the world is based on having the de facto reserve currency of the planet. If you take our financial power away, we would be far, far less imposing on the global stage. Sadly, the truth is that the U.S. military is rapidly shrinking and has largely been defanged by the Obama administration.

A lot of people that will read this article will not understand this, but it is very, very important to keep an eye on this emerging Russian/Chinese alliance. I believe that it is going to play a critical role in world events during the years ahead.

A New Black Monday: Economic Crisis Underway

The world financial scene is looking like its feeling the pain.

The question is how much will it impact all of us?

Michael Snyder lists it all off:

BLACK MONDAY: The First Time EVER The Dow Has Dropped By More Than 500 Points On Two Consecutive Days

On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 588 points. It was the 8th worst single day stock market crash in U.S. history, and it was the first time that the Dow has ever fallen by more than 500 points on two consecutive days. But the amazing thing is that the Dow actually performed better than almost every other major global stock market on Monday. In the U.S., the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both did worse than the Dow. In Europe, almost every major index performed significantly worse than the Dow. Over in Asia, Japanese stocks were down 895 points, and Chinese stocks experienced the biggest decline of all (a whopping 8.46 percent). On June 25th, I was not kidding around when I issued a “red alert” for the last six months of 2015. I had never issued a formal alert for any other period of time, and I specifically stated that “a major financial collapse is imminent“. But you know what? As the weeks and months roll along, things will eventually be even worse than what any of the experts (including myself) have been projecting. The global financial system is now unraveling, and you better pack a lunch because this is going to be one very long horror show.

Our world has not seen a day quite like Monday in a very, very long time. Let’s start our discussion where the carnage began…

Asian Markets

For weeks, the Chinese government has been taking unprecedented steps to try to stop Chinese stocks from crashing, but nothing has worked. As most Americans slept on Sunday night, the markets in China absolutely imploded…

As Europe and North America slept on Sunday night, Chinese markets went through the floor — the Shanghai Composite index of stocks fell by 8.49%, the biggest single-day collapse since 2007.

It wasn’t alone. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng fell 5.17%, and Japan’s Nikkei fell 4.61%. Stocks in Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand also tumbled.

Things would have been even worse in China if trading had not been stopped in most stocks. Trading was suspended for an astounding 2,200 stocks once they hit their 10 percent decline limits.

Overall, the Shanghai Composite Index is now down close to 40 percent from the peak of the market, and the truth is that Chinese stocks are still massively overvalued when compared to the rest of the world.

That means that they could very easily fall a lot farther.
European Markets

The selling momentum in Asia carried over into Europe once the European markets opened. On a percentage basis, all of the major indexes on the continent declined even more than the Dow did…

In Europe, the bloodbath from Friday continued unabated. The German Dax plunged 4.7%, the French CAC 40 5.4%, UK’s FTSE 100 dropped 4.7%. Euro Stoxx 600, which covers the largest European companies, was down 5.3%.

But wait… Europe is where the omnipotent ECB and other central banks have imposed negative deposit rates. The ECB is engaged in a massive ‘whatever it takes” QE program to inflate stock markets. But it’s not working. Omnipotence stops functioning once people stop believing in it.

U.S. Markets

Even before U.S. markets opened on Monday morning, the New York Stock Exchange was already warning that trading would be halted if things got too far out hand, and it almost happened…

The thousands of companies listed by the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market will pause for 15 minutes if the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index plunges 7 percent before 3:25 p.m. New York time. The benchmark got close earlier, falling as much as 5.3 percent.

There were other circuit breakers in place for later in the day if too much panic selling ensued, but fortunately none of those were triggered either. Here is more from Bloomberg…

Another circuit breaker kicks in if the S&P 500 extends its losses to 13 percent before 3:25 p.m. If the plunge reaches 20 percent at any point during today’s session, the entire stock market will shut for the rest of the day.

When the U.S. markets did open, the Dow plunged 1,089 points during the opening minutes of trading. If the Dow would have stayed at that level, it would have been the worst single day stock market crash in U.S. history by a wide margin.

Instead, by the end of the day it only turned out to be the 8th worst day ever.

And in case you are wondering, yes, investors are losing a staggering amount of money. According to MarketWatch, the total amount of money lost is now starting to approach 2 trillion dollars…

As of March 31, households and nonprofits held $24.1 trillion in stocks. That’s both directly, and through mutual funds, pension funds and the like. That also includes the holdings of U.S.-based hedge funds, though you’d have to think that most hedge funds are held by households.

Using the Dow Jones Total Stock Market index DWCF, -4.21% through midmorning trade, that number had dropped to $22.32 trillion.

In other words, a cool $1.8 trillion has been lost between now and the first quarter — and overwhelmingly, those losses occurred in the last few days.

Unfortunately, U.S. stock prices are still nowhere near where they should be. If they were to actually reflect economic reality, they would have to fall a lot, lot lower.

For example, there is usually a very strong correlation between commodity prices and the S&P 500, but in recent times we have seen a very large divergence take place. Just check out the chart in this article. At this point the S&P 500 would have to fall another 30 to 40 percent or commodities would have to rise 30 or 40 percent in order to close the gap. I think that the following bit of commentary sums up where we are quite nicely…

“Markets are afraid of further economic weakness in China, further pain in global commodity markets and uncertain about Fed and PBoC policy — what they will do and what the impact will be,” Societe Generale’s Kit Juckes wrote on Monday. “The divergence between global commodity prices and equities is not a new theme but the danger now is that they begin to re-correlate – as they did when the dotcom bubble burst in 2000 and what had previously been an emerging market crisis became a US recession.”

And commodities were absolutely hammered once again on Monday.

For instance, the price of U.S. oil actually fell below 38 dollars a barrel at one point.

What we are watching unfold is incredible.

Of course the mainstream media is bringing on lots of clueless experts that are talking about what a wonderful “buying opportunity” this is. Even though those of us that saw this coming have been giving a detailed play by play account of the unfolding crisis for months, the talking heads on television still seem as oblivious as ever.

What is happening right now just doesn’t seem to make any sense to the “experts” that most people listen to. I love this headline from an article that Business Insider posted on Monday: “None of the theories for the Black Monday market crash add up“. Yes, if you are willingly blind to the long-term economic and financial trends which are destroying us, I guess these market crashes wouldn’t make sense.

And if stocks go up tomorrow (which they probably should), all of those same “experts” will be proclaiming that the “correction” is over and that everything is now fine.

But don’t be fooled by that. Just because stocks go up on any particular day does not mean that everything is fine. We are in the midst of a financial meltdown that is truly global in scope. This is going to take time to fully play out, and there will be good days and there will be bad days. The three largest single day increases for the Dow were right in the middle of the financial crisis of 2008. So one very good day for stocks is not going to change the long-term analysis one bit.

It isn’t complicated. Those that follow my writing regularly know that I have repeatedly explained how things were setting up in textbook fashion for another global financial crisis, and now one is unfolding right in front of our eyes.

At this point, everyone should be able to very clearly see what is happening, and yet most are still blind.

Why is that?