Intollerant Homosexual Lobbyists Vandalise And Destroy Cory Bernardi’s Office Over “Safe Schools” Program

Mud slinging, name-calling and Ad hominem’s are a Leftist institution.

Indeed, I’m not sure you can truly be a “Progressive” Marxist unless you are willing to lower yourself to the point of tarnishing the reputations of your ideological enemies.

As a Leftist, your ideas are bankrupt and entirely unsupportable because of the relative nature of your foundational naturalistic atheist worldview and so if you have no real option in winning arguments, what are you left with?

Personal abuse and violence!

You accuse, you abuse, you vandalise, you violently force, you riot, you slander, and you avoid actually arguing the merits of your convictions at all costs (because if people knew your Marxists goals and your insane utopian idealism, they would be horrified).

This is the case with the indoctrination of Australian school-aged children into homosexuality, transgender, and premature sexuality through the laughably titled “Safe Schools” program, a program marketed as being about “anti-bullying”.

What teaching children to bind their breasts or penis has to do with bullying is anyone’s guess? 

Bill Muehlenberg’s piece Seven Things You Must Know About The Safe Schools Program discusses this sickly perverted, government-funded and promoted program in detail and is a must read for all parents.

But back to the vandalism and abuse of Leftists who are, in this most recent instance of hilarious hippo crush, have harassed the office staff of Cory Bernardi and throw in vandalism to boot.

What was Bernardi’s offence?

Well, he dared to highlight the content of the “Safe Schools” program, namely a course designed to fully indoctrinate and confuse children into homosexuality and transgender theory, even primary school-aged children.

Here’s the report:

Two dozen students have trashed Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi’s Adelaide office, protesting against his stance on the Safe Schools Program.

The students, who stormed his office chanting and scrawling slogans on both the exterior and interior walls of the office, also overthrew furniture and threw papers onto the floor.

In a tweet, Senator Bernardi said the protesters “threatened his staff”.

He said it was unfortunate he was not in Adelaide to “assist his amazing team”.

“Gutless actions like this will never stop me speaking the truth,” Mr Bernardi tweeted.

Police said a man had been reported for marking graffiti on a road sign.

They said they would review CCTV footage and witness statements, and further charges may occur.

Senator Simon Birmingham also slammed the protesters, calling them hypocrites.

“I have seen some of the pictures from Adelaide and for people who say they are standing up for tolerance and for understanding to then think that destruction of public property, that violence of that manner is appropriate, is deplorable, is hypocritical,” he said.

“I would have hoped we would see much better, indeed from all sides.”

The program, according to the website, offers resources and support to equip staff and students with “skills, practical ideas and greater confidence” to create a safe and inclusive environment for same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families.

Coalition MPs indicated earlier this week they would push for an inquiry into the anti-bullying program.

Senator Bernardi said some of the material in the program was “age inappropriate” and would “horrify parents”.

He claimed the “innocuous-sounding” Safe Schools program actually provided links to sadomasochism sites and encouraged 12 and 13-year-old children to experiment sexually.

Praise be to Jesus that a review of Safe Schools is underway.

Perhaps it might even become a program that actually makes schools safer.’s-adelaide-office/7258388


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