Pick-Up Artistry & The Cost Of Freedom

A people who can morally govern themselves have no need of big government with tight control.
That’s why Marxists want to do away with morality by accepting and tolerating anything and everything except Christian morality: they thrive when society is immoral and out of control. 

It gives them every reason to demand tighter restrictions, less freedoms, more power for government, which is really more power for Marxists.

The latest example of this hunger for restricted freedoms comes care of the amorality Marxists themselves have pushed on society.

“Pick-up artistry” (ie chatting up women to get casual sex) is the perfect example of what happens when society is taught to scoff at Christianity, particularly it’s mature and self-restrained sexual wisdom.

Pregnant children, babies murdered in the womb, pornography, rampant sexually transmitted diseases. They are all part and parcel in a society where sex is reduced to something casual and throw-away.

In the scheme of things, “pick-up artistry” is on the lower end (compared to massacring infants by the billions, at least) of wrong but it affords Marxists the opportunity to demand the law step in and silence people for their ideas, even if they are stupid and offensive ideas (and they are).

If you can’t have stupid and offensive ideas, what are you actually entitled to in a supposedly free society?

That is the cost of freedom: not getting to control everything.

History is a long lesson about what happens when people try to control other people instead of focussing on controlling themselves, even when their intentions start off well enough.

Christianity is about relying on God to control your own actions even when you get hurt by others.

Marxism is about taking control, forcibly if necessary, and demanding that everyone submit every thought and idea for scrutiny to the thought police.

Our society is becoming a living testament to the latter.

Here’s the crackdown:

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is under pressure to cancel the visa of Jeff Allen, a colleague of so-called pick-up artist Julien Blanc.

Key points:

A petition on Change.org is calling for Jeff Allen’s deportation

Larissa Waters said the initial approval of the visa was “disgraceful”, citing the violent and sexist nature of the seminars

Mr Blanc’s visa was cancelled in 2014 by then immigration minister Scott Morrison after he travelled to Australia for a series of talks on “how to pick up women”.

A backlash over his techniques, which include choking women and pulling them into his crotch, prompted the early departure of the Real Social Dynamics (RSD) employee and the subsequent action by Mr Morrison.

Mr Blanc’s colleague Mr Allen is now touring Australia, sparking a petition of more than 62,000 signatures calling for his deportation.

This afternoon Vibe Hotels announced it had cancelled planned events at its hotels.

“TFE Hotels has learnt RSD booked events at Vibe Hotels under another name & has cancelled any further events at all hotels,” the company said in a tweet.

RSD has removed all Australian dates from its website, though social media has shown participants at a seminar in Sydney earlier this month.

Greens spokesperson for women Larissa Waters said the initial approval of the visa was “disgraceful”, citing the violent and sexist nature of the seminars.

In a statement, Senator Waters said Mr Allen should be deported before the next seminar, which was previously scheduled for Thursday.

“The Immigration Minister needs to immediately revoke Jeff Allen’s visa before his organisation can promote more sexism and violence,” she said.

“While Real Social Dynamics has claimed the events are cancelled, advocates of gender equality have reason to believe the company is using decoy tactics.

“The only way to make sure that these abhorrent events do not continue is to revoke Jeff Allen’s visa, just as the former immigration minister revoked Julien Blanc’s visa for promoting the same abhorrent views about women.”

Comment has been sought from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Victorian man Matt Jowett, who started the Change.org petition calling for the deportation of Mr Allen, cited the Federal Government’s discussions on domestic violence in his reasoning for the visa revocation.

“Australia has lately been discussing violence a lot as we try to work out how to reduce the number of domestic partnerships which are fraught with violence and abuse,” Mr Jowett said.

“A good step in tackling this would be to say very clearly that we do not hand out visas for people to come to Australia and promote, and profit from the promotion of, domestic violence and specifically violence against women.”



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