Mainstream Media Forget To Report Lesbian Couple Beating 5-Year-Old Son With Hammer, Kicking Him In Groin Until He Bleeds

If a Catholic priest did this, you would hear every detail of the arrest, court trial, and jail term of the culprit. For years!

Even if an average man and woman did this, you would hear about it.

The reason you would hear about it is because it is sick and disgusting and shocking news works well for the mainstream media.

When it’s homosexuals beating children with hammers and kicking them in the genitals until they bleed, suddenly all you hear is chirping crickets from the mainstream media.

The first two pages of a Google search bring up no articles from any of the key American broadcaster and there is certainly no mention of it here in Australia.

So here it is:

A lesbian couple from Oklahoma have been charged with child abuse involving one of the suspects’ 5-year-old son, who police say was struck with a hammer, whipped with a belt and tortured so badly he suffered strokes and seizures.

Rachel Stevens, 28, and her partner Kayla Jones, 25, were booked into the Muskogee County Jail Tuesday on charges of felony child abuse by injury and child neglect.

The case first came to light in early December when Stevens’ 5-year-old son was flown to St John Medical Center in Tulsa suffering from seizures and lesions on his face.

Doctors at the hospital contacted police after determining that the child had several broken bones in various stages of healing and appeared malnourished.

While the boy was receiving medical treatment, he suffered two strokes ‘due to his trauma,’ according to an affidavit cited by Tulsa World.

Investigators subsequently interviewed the little boy and learned that the child had been tied up, had duct tape placed over his eyes and had been kept in a locked room, the document states.

The toddler also claimed that his mother struck him on the hand with a hammer, and that both she and Jones hit him with a belt all over his body.

According to police, the horrific abuse went on for several months. The little boy said on one occasion, his step-mother kicked him in the groin until he bled.

The station NewsOn6 reported that the couple then launched a GoFundMe campaign for Stevens’ son, claiming that the toddler was picking his own face and was having seizures after suffering a fall.

Police said the suspects, who reportedly have been together for 18 months, shard their Muskogee home with the victim’s twin brother and 7-year-old sister, but they do not believe those children were mistreated.

More than a month later, the 5-year-old remains at the Tulsa hospital getting treated for his injuries.

His two siblings have been taken into the custody of the Department of Human Services.

Stevens and Jones are both due back in court later this month.


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