The ABC Brings You Stupid But Dangerous Ideas On A Minute By Minute Basis

The ABC is a cesspool of the most extreme Leftist ideas.

By “Leftist”, I mean cultural Marxism and if that doesn’t describe it for you, I’m talking about ideological elitists who seek to control society by dividing it into groups and pitting them against each other.

Any conflict between cultures, between sexes, between ethnic groups, Leftists are fuelling it to serve their purposes and siding with the claimed “aggrieved”.

This list includes women, anyone who vaguley fits into the LGBTIQ community, ethnic or religious minorities such as any non-whites and Muslims, the 99%, animals, the environment. 

I’m not pretending they are the source of all evil in the universe but I am saying that they know how to manipulate it for their own purposes.

If you aren’t willing to consider that, you’ve come to the wrong blog and might as well hightail it outta here.

My recent visit to ABC New had me rolling my eyes in disbelief in mere seconds but at this point, I really shouldn’t be surprised at the depths that this tax-payer funded ideologues parading as journalists are plumbing.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • A review of QandA, the ABC panel discussion program notorious for its anti-Christian, anti-West, and anti-truth bent, has been found to be essentially unbiased…by the kinds of people who may as well be employed at the ABC!
  • The use of the term “climate justice”. 
  • Tony Abbott’s claim that cultures are not all equal is a step backwards for humanity. Yes, I knew we had been short changing the Nazis all these years – can’t wait to discuss the benefits of their culture for the West today!
  • An atheist woman has won the right to be photographed with a colander on her head for her drivers license in the name of her religious belief. That was worth the petitioning, I am certain!

Most people would look at this list and wonder what the big deal is and that is the problem with our society: we can’t even see our enemies when they are plainly before our eyes every day and the more we see it, the more it seems like the norm.

Consider, however, some of the real implications of these four stories:

Climate justice means we are all guilty and need to be controlled by the only righteous people, Leftists, who are always the messianic figures to every social ill if only we will place our trust in them.

The so-called equality of all cultures means the Leftist deconstruction of Western, Christian culture can continue unabated and anyone who complains otherwise is a bigoted, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic racist…

…and they need public condemnation from Leftists and useful idiots on the conveniently innocent of being a Leftist lynch mob QandA at the ABC.

Finally, perverting the law for the sake of perverting it is acceptable.

Note that this just didn’t all fall into place overnight. A lot of people worked long and hard to subvert and pervert the West, which only a century ago was known as Christendom.

And the key difference between Christianity and atheism can be summed up in how it responds to the natural selfish and corrupt nature of humanity: where Christianity condemns it and calls humanity to self-sacrifice, atheism encourages it to every extreme of self-indulgence.

Marxism is all about forcing people into what Marxism says is good for people and atheism produces dependancy which gives the perfect pretence to roll on into a police state as citizens lose control of their lives because of selfishness, whether it’s through failed marriages and sexual promiscuity, alcohol and substance abuse, or through more extreme actions like murder and rape.

Christianity, on the other hand, produces independent, moral citizens who don’t need to be forcibly governed, thereby making the Marxist messiah figures redundant as Christ takes his place as the rightful messiah in a society.

Like I wrote previously, if you don’t see this happening in our society then good luck on another website because you’re in the wrong place.

For those who see these things occurring, it will only get worse by my estimation and yet there is a hope that some, even many, can be plucked from the fire through the proclamation of Jesus as lord and as the coming king.

If you are an atheist, let’s level.

Jesus is coming and the time for defiance is drawing to a close.

Turn to Jesus and you will become a full member of his family and any enmity between God or between us will be gone.

The foolish son, often called “the prodigal”, learned his lesson and saw what was good for him only when he longed to eat pig food for the deep hole he had dug himself into – don’t keep digging friend.

The Father is waiting for you – so return and be restored to the family.


Feel free to discuss.

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