Tyson Fury Correctly Likens Homosexuality To Paedophilia, Thought Police Accuse And Actual Police Target Him

Not so long ago, homosexuality was correctly a criminal act, just like Paedophilia is for the moment. 

For all of history, both practises were almost entirely rejected by every civilisation, culture, and religion as immoral at best and downright evil more often as not.

Usually, they have been criminal acts!

That’s the thing with criminal acts, they usually have the potential to harm someone and since one in every nine (yes, 1/9th or 11.11%) Australian men who have sex with men have HIV AIDS, it’s only logical to assume that outlawing homosexual acts was actually a reasonable move to protect people from a sickening disease that ends lives.

Paedophilia arguably does less damage in that children generally don’t die from being sexually abused and if you are still alive, you can find healing. Can’t do that when AIDS puts you in the ground!

I imagine people will be foaming at that last statement but truth and logic have a way of making enemies froth at the mouth.

The truth hurts momentarily but it’s the only way out of all the lies.

If you are angry, how about you direct that anger at people who promote homosexuality as healthy and normal, given that so many people die from the disease it commonly spreads (and not mentioning the equally common connections to alcohol and drug abuse, depression, suicide, and all the other ailments of this unnatural and dangerous lifestyle).

Now, let’s clarify: I am not setting homosexuality and paedophilia as some kind of dichotomy – they are both wrong and disgusting and should be criminal acts (for the good of society) until Jesus returns, when they will cease to exist forever (for the good of society)!

But our postmodernist society is keen on rewriting reality itself to claim that truth is based upon your super-emotional opinion, that “family” can be ten guys and a cocker-spaniel and that the age of consent should be ten or whatever it is that NAMBLA is working towards these days.

And now the people bent on ruining anything good about the West are going after though-crime dissenters as hard and fast as they can, as our next case emphasises.

British police are investigating newly crowned world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury over comments he made about homosexuality, a spokeswoman from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said on Wednesday (AEDT).

Fury, 27, has attracted controversy after likening homosexuality to paedophilia, with over 105,000 people signing a petition calling for his removal from the shortlist for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

A GMP spokeswoman said that a member of the public had reported a “hate crime” on Wednesday after watching a BBC television programme in which Fury’s remarks were discussed.

She said the force was taking the matter “very seriously” and would be attending the complainant’s address to speak to him in person before deciding whether to question Fury.

Fury has also been accused of sexism, having notably stated that a woman’s place was “in the kitchen and on her back”. The complaint only concerns his remarks about homosexuality.

In a recent interview with the Mail on Sunday newspaper, Fury, who is a born-again Christian, said that three things needed to be accomplished “before the devil comes home.”

“One of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other is paedophilia,” he said. “Who would have thought in the 50s and 60s that those first two would be legalised?”

Manchester-born Fury, who is of traveller heritage and styles himself as the ‘Gypsy King’, has denied being homophobic or sexist and says that his views merely reflect what is written in the Bible.

“That’s my beliefs, just like I believe in Lord Jesus Christ as my lord and saviour and if anyone wants to dispute that, let them do it,” he said in a recent YouTube video.

Fury stunned long-standing champion Wladimir Klitschko in Duesseldorf at the end of last month to win the WBA, IBF and WBO world heavyweight belts.

The BBC has defended its decision to shortlist him for its flagship award, saying it is “not an endorsement of an individual’s personal beliefs”.

Now don’t take this as an endorsement of everything Fury says or does – take it for what it is:

One more example of the ever more Stasi-like Thought Police coming to silence those who use their freedom of speech to disagree with the establishment, something now referred to as a “hate crime” in the dystopian double speak of our present society.

This blog would be a “hate crime” and it seems biblical Christianity is equally so. That’s a lot of “hate criminals”.

Remember, when they dragged us away, they’ll eventually come for you. 

Either that, or you will be one of them ands that’s about as bad as it gets this side of the lake of fire.


Feel free to discuss.

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