Islamic Terrorism In Sydney Austalia: Police Officers Murdered And Muslim Gunman Shot Dead

Islam has been busy today.

After a terrorist attack in the US killing a number of students at an Oregon community college – an event the mainstream media has worked overtime to completely disassociate from Islam – the Religion of Peace has compelled an attack on the New South Wales Police Headquarters.

Here’s the report:

A massive police operation is under way in Parramatta in Sydney’s west after two people were shot dead outside NSW Police Force headquarters.

The operation began about 4.30pm today and police are advising people to avoid Charles Street and Hassall Street as a 2km exclusion zone has been set up.

The Daily Telegraph reports that police had warning of the attack through intelligence sources and one victim of the shooting “was a public servant working for NSW Police.”

“He was shot before (the) shooter was killed,” they report.
It is then believed “the gunman was shot by NSW Special Constables.”

The shooter, “believed to be of Middle Eastern appearance and dressed in black”, according to The Daily Telegraph, “launched an attack from the street, peppering the front of the building with bullets.”

“He shot a police IT expert before being gunned by special constables who guard the entrance,” they report.

Police said a critical incident investigation had been launched following the death of two people.

“The incident occurred outside the NSW Police headquarters building on Charles Street about 4.30pm today after a number of shots were fired,” the service said in a statement.

“It appears an officer has discharged his weapon, responding to a report that a person had been shot.

“Two people have died at the scene.” It said officers were still to establish the identity of those killed.

The attack happened close to a childcare centre used by police force families.

Goodstart Early Learning centre staff member Ashmi Golwala said she heard at least three “loud sounds”.

“They sounded like crackers and I went outside to see what was happening and a police lady told me to stay inside,” she told The Australian.

Real estate agent Edwin Almeida says he heard shots and saw a man in a black gown pacing and waving a gun outside the police headquarters.
Mr Almeida said his frightened staff ran into their office and heard three to four gun shots.

“We looked out the window, saw security guards and what appeared to be a plain clothes police officer with gun drawn and pointing at the person that was now lying on the floor surrounded by a pool of blood.”

Mr Almeida filmed part of the attack (see video above) and later described it to friends.
“There was blood everywhere … after the security and detectives fired on him,” he posted on Facebook.
“Staff being escorted to railway station by police. Great support from NSW police. These guys are bloody awesome.”

Some reports suggested the attack was a drive-by shooting, but Mr Almeida disputed this.

“This guy was not driving that’s for sure. He didn’t appear to be wanting to get away,” he said.

While Obama takes another stab at gun laws in the US (because an oppressive government that imprisons Christians for rejecting homosexuality even as they attempt to disarm them solves every national problem!), the actual threats of indoctrinating Western culture into nihilistic hedonism, along with the infiltration of Islam, go equally unacknowledged.

To clarify, we are seeing the West commit cultural suicide. 

It may not look so bad yet because the beast isn’t dead yet but in time, the very best of the historic Communist states and the current Islamic World will come together and offer us the utopia we have all been waiting for…especially with the UN ushering in their special plan of salvation.

Oh goodie!


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