Australia To Take Christian Refugees? It’s Hard To Believe…

Could some sense finally be prevailing regarding the Syraian refugee problem? 

Time will tell.

Labor hates the idea because Labor hates Christianity, most of them being leftists at best and more likely than not cultural Marxists.

The ABC seems to hate having to report this, hence their promotion of anything that suggests prioritising Christians is somehow bad. 

Here is what is being reported:

Refugees from Syria pray after arriving on the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos aboard an inflatable dinghy across the Aegean Sea from from Turkey

The Federal Government will announce Australia’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis tomorrow.

“We shouldn’t delay, but nevertheless we do need to be careful and I expect that within 24 hours the Government will have much more to say on this matter,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Question Time.

The Abbott Government has flagged the focus of its intake of Syrian refugees will be minorities that are largely Christian.

Government ministers like Malcolm Turnbull have argued for accepting more Syrian Christians, and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has nominated minorities like the Yazidis.

One backbencher told the ABC the message being sent to the Prime Minister by some in the Coalition was clear: “No more Muslim men.”

Nationals MP George Christensen said Christians should be prioritised.

If you’re coming into this country and you harbour a jihadist outlook in life, if you believe that Sharia law should be the law of the land, well, perhaps you’re not welcome in this country.

“I think that any Christian walking around in Syria, and many of those places throughout the middle east at the moment, because of Islamic State, basically has a target on their forehead or a dotted line around their neck where ISIS wants to cut,” he told the ABC.

“So if your life is threatened as their lives are, they should be prioritised.”

Mr Christensen also said the Government must ensure the values of anyone granted protection are in line with the community’s.

“If you’re coming into this country and you harbour a jihadist outlook in life, if you believe that Sharia law should be the law of the land, well, perhaps you’re not welcome in this country,” he said.

“Perhaps you should be seeking safe haven in one of the many Muslim countries that’s around the world.”

It is understood several speakers in this morning’s Government party room meeting mentioned the importance of taking refugees who would “fit in well” with the Australian community.

Labor has joined refugee groups in warning the Government’s emphasis on helping Christian refugees is “dangerous”.

“Being a victim of war doesn’t know a particular religion,” Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said.

“If you’re a woman facing terrible crimes to be committed against you, if you’re a child, a little child, potentially drowning at sea, I’m not interested in their religion, I’m interested in their safety.”

A migration expert, who didn’t want to be named, has told the ABC any Government decision to screen refugees on the basis of religion would be unprecedented.

Mr Abbott is also under increasing pressure to increase this year’s humanitarian intake of 13,750 people, but has put off a decision while the Immigration Minister consults with the United Nations about the best approach.

The fact the Government would pause in light of such a visceral tragedy to suggest Australia should prioritise Christian refugees from Syria speaks volumes, writes Sarah Malik.

MPs, including Tasmanian Brett Whiteley, told the party room community sentiment around the Syrian crisis had “changed” and the public wanted the Abbott Government to act.

The ABC understands some MPs raised the prospect of the Government bringing forward its plan to increase the refugee intake to 18,750, which according to current policy is not due until 2018.

Labor is pushing for an additional intake of 10,000 people, while the Greens want double that number.

Independent Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie has called for an extra 30,000 Syrians to be accepted.

It is understood Peter Dutton will brief the national security committee tonight about his meetings in Europe on the issue.

Cabinet will discuss the issue tomorrow morning and there is a suggestion the party room may meet again before an announcement is made.


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