…Because “Racism” Is Why We Don’t Like Islam

You gotta love the doublespeak of the mainstream media, especially the tax-payer funded ABC, which makes a living out of lying about social issues to push its extreme left agenda. 

In all cases, “extreme left” is synonymous with the power to silence anyone who disagrees with supporting everything anti-Christian, anti-Western, and anti-truth, like homosexuality being healthy and safe, socialism being a fair and just system that brings joy to all the comrades, or that gender is the same as biological sex and perfectly fluid according to your feelings.

In this particular case, it means falsely accusing Australians who don’t want a mosque built in their suburbs as “racist”…because Islam, a worldview and system encompassing the political, religious, and social is a race?

Here’s their report:

Community groups have rallied in support of tolerance and against racism in the central Victorian city of Bendigo after the approval of a controversial mosque.

Three anti-racism groups held rallies in opposition to a protest by the anti-Islam group United Patriots Front (UPF), which opposes the mosque.

Large numbers of police officers were on the scene to keep the two sides apart.

A small scuffle broke out at the Shamrock Hotel as protesters walked through town but police stepped in quickly, reporters at the scene said.

The anti-racism demonstrators chanted: “Muslims are welcome, racists are not.”

Members of the UPF vowed they would go “wherever they wanted because this land belongs to us” in a posting on Facebook before the protest.

Victoria’s planning tribunal approved a permit for the city’s first mosque earlier this month despite stiff opposition to the project from local residents.

The Victorian and Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) found there was “no evidence of any significant social or other effects to the community” as a result of the mosque.

But VCAT imposed a series of conditions on the development, including caps on the number of people allowed on site at specific times, a height limit of 21.4 metres for the mosque’s minaret, and restrictions on the opening hours.

Now pretending Islam is a race is not a mere mistake or misunderstanding on behalf of the ABC – they know Islam is not a race.

This is all part of getting you and me to SHUT UP!

And the way they do it is perpetuate the narrative that white people are responsible for all problems in the world, especially the catastrophically and ongoingly troubled Middle East.

Now, some white people are racists and some of them, past tense – as in no white people currently alive today – did contribute to the African slave trade but there’s two important points that we must take into account:

  1. “White people” are not some homogenous collective who all agree on everything, like being racist, as the left perpetually claim.
  2. Muslims created the African slave trade in line with the slavery practised by Muhammad and are now protected used by the left.

The left is an ideology focussed on obtaining power to control every sphere of society from a governmental level and the effective way they have discovered is through abusing and falsely accusing people into silence.

Nobody wants to be know as a “racist” and most people don’t like to be put on public display in a negative way and so screaming abuse with the amplification of the powerful and ever-present mainstream media means that you will be publicly shamed and condemned, whether you are really “racist” or not.

Small Muslim communities won’t cause much trouble but with the Middle East as our prime example, large communities of them are the worst disaster civilisation has encountered.

Don’t take my word for it – the sheer volume of terrorist attacks since 9/11, again primarily in the Middle East, speak for themselves:

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11



One thought on “…Because “Racism” Is Why We Don’t Like Islam

  1. There’s another thing here. The snackbars and cultural Marxists do have a point: Most moske korandroids will be some flavour of Arab or Paki, so to some extent, opposing their houses of Satan is kinda racist. So what? Are they trying to make out that all races are equal? Equally what? Intelligent? Cultured? Honest? Strong? Good? It’s time to reclaim race realism as being honest, rational and moral.


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