Wisdom Prevails: Labor Agree To Turn Back The Boats

Approximately 1400 human beings have drowned attempting to come to Australia as refugees and asylum seekers by boat since 2001.

Even so, there are still plenty of people so committed to their dangerous ideologies that they refuse to acknowledge that the policy behind Tony Abbott and the Coalitions “Turn Back The Boats” is one that actually saves lives.

Simply, if people cannot enter Australia by boat, they stop trying to. That means people stop dying and human traffickers stop profiteering. In spite of the evidence, a lot of people persist in petitioning the government to allow people to come to Australia by boat.

While some of these people do sincerely care for asylum seekers, other ideologues are so invested in allowing anyone to come to Australia by any means possible that they are willing to sacrifice at least 1400 people to get their way. They claim they care about the lives of these asylum seekers but quite tellingly, so many of these great lovers of human life are equally obsessed with the state sanctioned right to murder children in the womb.

So if their devotion to letting the boats float is not about saving refugee lives, as I am firmly claiming, what is it actually about?

There are a few factors.

Firstly, the ideologues demanding boat people be accepted often desire the eradication of the influence of Christian culture from the West. The relativistic humanist West hates Christianity because it calls good good and evil evil while it wants to celebrate the perverse and silence anyone who won’t join them. If the West celebrates all cultures and traditions, then Christianity is reduced to a small slice of a mish-mashed cultural pie. In this way, Islam becomes the means to their end of no more Christian influence. That’s also why they heavily promotes other tiny miroities in our society including those who comprise homosexual and transgender communities.

Secondly, mutliculturalism becomes a means to the aforementioned end. Mutliculturalism is pushed so fiercely because it claims all cultures are equal and none should dominate, especially Christianity with all its rules and moral prohibitions. The continued propagation of mutliculturalism as a positive influence upon society means that this ideology is pushed at the expense of the lives of refugees and without thought as to the actual consequences of multiple cultures forced to live alongside each other.

It’s important to understand that Multiculturalism is quite simply a failure for the logical reasoning that the culture most willing to dominate will dominate. The West is not yet willing to murder people to force its ideology while Islam, an ideology that seems to produce the greater majority of the refugees and asylum seekers coming to Austrlaia, has been doing exactly that for fourteen centuries. Ironically, while Islam produces these boat people, a majority of them are still Muslims, at least at a cultural and social level, if not educated in Islamic doctrine and history. Trends suggest that these Muslims come seeking a peaceful life and often live it out but the second and third generation of children find their way back to genuine, violent Islam. So when the West and Islam live together, history shows that Islam is plenty willing to violently force their culture. Ergo, Islam will dominate the West sooner or later.
Of course, the full dominate of Islam over the West is not the goal, merely proportionally increased dominance to displace Christianity.

Thirdly, these ideologues desire to eradicate all boundaries, especially national ones, on the way to a global government. They’ve spent the best part of the last century breaking down moral boundaries, such as dissolving the family unit and opening the way for government to reach into our personal lives but they know that even greater power is found in a global, centralised government that controls most, or all nations.

There can be no sexual immorality if society has firm sexual boundaries defined by the Christian faith, so Christianity needs to be thrown out. In the same way, international government cannot interfere in a sovereign state unless the boundaries to that state are removed, be they militaristic, social, cultural, etc. 

One effective way to remove those boundaries is to shift the culture away from nationalism and national identity and this has been going on rampantly in Australia for decades.

Consider the attacks on Australia Day as “non-inclusive” and even “racist” by leftist, so-called progressive types. Why can’t a nation celebrate itself? Because that keeps it seperate from other nations, giving it an identity outside of the collective of nations and separating it from them.

And that is what the leftist ideologues want and have been working decisively to change!

So if we celebrate Austrlaian traditions, leftist universities do studies that say we are non-inclusive and if we fly Australian flags, they tell us it’s because we are racist.

How does this connect to asylum seekers?

Immigrants bring their own ways and traditions and celebrations and the leftist education and media systems teach us that we must be tolerant by giving special place and privilege to these new ways, lest we become intolerant, bigoted racists.

We are told constantly that we must be ashamed of the colonial period, of Gallipoli, of Vietnam, and of our white, racist ways. We must accept other cultures like Islam, even though asylum seekers flood out of Islamic nations like a torrent. We must accept homosexuality, even though one in every nine men who have sex with men have HIV. 

We must allow everything except firm rules and boundaries based on the Judeo-Christian tradition.

National boundaries, which are not just physical but encompass the social and cultural all add up to a national identity. Like people, when you get a heap of different nations into a room together, it can be impossible to get them to agree on anything. If you weaken their personal identity, you can make them more agreeable and agreeable people can be controlled.

Look at all the nations struggling with the issue of asylum seekers and refugees – Australia, The U.S., Europe. There a reason why nobody flees to the Middle East but rather away from it and there’s a reason why the West is alway the final destination. 

There is also a reason why leftist leaders across the world are making every effort to allow significant numbers of asylum seekers to enter their nations and why those same leftist leaders are always proponents of increasing global, centralised power.

So the Australian Labor Party’s shift on turning back the boats really is one that defies the odds – namely, it actually serves individual human beings rather than leftist ideologues.

It helps to reduce crime in the form of human trafficking and helps to preserve the lives of refugees and asylum seekers. It helps protect Australians from people who may not be legitimate refugees and asylum seekers. In itself, it does not stop refugees and asylum seekers from coming to our nation legitimately but actually encourages them to use legitimate channels where drowning is not a risk.

It’s a policy that makes sense.

Feel free to discuss.

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