In The Beginning: Who Was Actually There?

History involves a record of the past. To record the past, there needs to be a witness – someone there to see an event occur and to then record it for those who were not there.

The debate between the Christian and naturalist worldviews, regardless of the many false claims made, really boils down to this one question: was there a witness to the beginning of life and the universe?

The Christian claims that there was: God.

The naturalist, in denying God, claims that the only record of pre-history, the past that was not witnessed and recorded, is found in nature – a natural record.

There is a lot evidence in the world but evidence does not interpret itself – people with specific worldviews, assumptions, and biases do.

So when Stephen Hawking sets out to discover aliens that believes must be there, he is assuming that there is no God who created because he instead assumes that everything that exists occurs by natural means. According to his thinking, if everything including life occurs naturally, then life has probably occurred in a number of places in the universe.

The Christian claim is not that we believe in God but rather that God has revealed himself to us, personally encountering us. We have actually met God, who has revealed himself fully in Jesus Christ and who was not only a witness to life and the universe but in fact the first cause of all creation, himself being uncreated and eternal.


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