Here Comes The Flood: Polygamy And Group Marriage At The Door

This is no surprise to me – I’ve been arguing this for half a decade now.

I wonder though if all those who booed the legitimate slippery slope argument are now willing to engage with the increasing numbers of polygamous groups demanding the same rights that homosexuals are gaining? 

Or did they too expect this and merely played dumb to give their agenda time to deteriorate society to the extent that homosexual marriage became passé?

Either way, get ready to be labelled a ‘bigot’ if you don’t wag your tail at the bark of polygamous marriage:

A married Montana man has taken his wife and his girlfriend to the Yellowstone County Courthouse and told the clerk: Marry us – if the Supreme Court OK’d gay unions, then we should be allowed to join together in holy polygamy.

“It’s about marriage equality,” said Nathan Collier, who filed for a marriage application to two women, Victoria and Christine, CBS News reported. “You can’t have this without polygamy.”

Victoria is currently his legal wife. Christine is his girlfriend.

County officials at first denied the application, but then backtracked and said they’d have to consult with attorneys.

Critics of government-sanctioned gay marriage have been warning for years that would-be polygamists would use same-sex unions as a means of pressing an equal opportunity argument. And Collier specifically cited the Supreme Court’s ruling as justification for his application, pointing to Chief Justice John Roberts’ dissenting opinion that spoke of the legal argument the case was handing polygamists.

Collier, 46, is a former Mormon who was excommunicated for polygamy.

He told KTVQ in a previous interview he and his two female partners had been hiding their relationship for years, but then decided to go public with an appearance on the reality cable show, “Sister Wives.” They now want government-stamped legitamacy for their union.

“We just want to add legal legitimacy to an already happy, strong, loving family,” he said to KTVQ.

The three have seven children.

“My second wife, Christine, who I’m not legally married to, she’s put up with my crap for a lot of years,” Collier said. “She deserves legitimacy.”

And Christine said, CBS reported: “It’s two distinct marriages, it’s two distinct unions and for us to come together and create family, what’s wrong with that? I don’t understand why it’s looked upon and frowned upon as being obscene.”

Collier has already looked into legal representation, if need be, and sent an email to the ACLU of Montana about his campaign.

His efforts could prove precedent-setting.

Anne Wilde, a co-founder of the polybamy advocacy group Principle Voices said Collier’s application is the first she’s heard about, CBS said.

Once again, the end game of redefining marriage is the nullification of marriage as an institution and the relegation of Christianity to legend.

When the Western world is filled with people who just sleep around with whoever, whenever, where sexual insanity rules: that’s the goal.

So when marriage gets further redefining to the point where people stop bothering altogether, no one can say there was no warning.


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