The Spotlight Seeking, Attention Demanding Spirit Behind Homosexuality

There was a time throughout all of history when people understood the clear and biological reality that homosexuality is unnatural. While people insisit on arguing against this, you can’t deny the reality that to this day only sixteen countries have redefined marriage to include homosexual relationships and the first of those was the Netherlands only thirteen years ago April 1st, 2001.
The Modern era entirely rejected homosexuality which was largely classified as a mental illness and even today, it is only countries that that are rebelling against their foundation Christian heritage that have redefined the sexual perversion of homosexuality into legitimate and legally recognised relationships.

While homosexuality is obviously rejected by most of the big religions in the world, even in a naturalist, evolution-fuelled worldview, homosexuality simply makes no sense. It does however make sense as a defiance of nature, as a rebellion against the natural order, regardless of whether you believe that natural order was established by chance over billions of years or by God to reveal his wisdom and beauty and glory.

We don’t hear much about homosexuality and AIDS anymore because the homosexual lobby has a gag order on connecting homosexuality and AIDS because it revives all those revealing images of homosexuality; namely men who have anal sex and do drugs in a lifestyle that destroys body and soul.

While many would rush to accuse me because I am writing in a blunt manner, I would argue that I am encouraging all homosexuals to turn from homosexuality to preserve their lives from the serious and deadly consequences of that lifestyle. 

Consider the AIDS statistics in Australia. The 2012 United Nations ‘Global AIDS Progress Report‘ states the following:

Eighty percent of the estimated 21 391 people living with diagnosed HIV infection in Australia reported male-to-male sexual contact as the likely route of exposure. Adjusting for undiagnosed infections, this provides a numerator of 20 133.
With an estimated 180 000 MSM in Australia, the prevalence is approximately 11.2 percent.

And where is the AIDS problem in Australia worst?

The HIV epidemic in Australia is concentrated particularly among MSM.

So when I criticise the homosexual lifestyle and encourage people to abandon it, what part of preserving them from AIDS is ‘hateful’? Perhaps the supporters of homosexuality should take a close look at the lifestyle they are championing.

It is both sad and telling that when AIDS was first identified, they called it by a different acronym: GRIDS.

In every sense, homosexuality is a perversion that has never had a place in human society. That’s not to say it never existed but nobody has tolerated it except those with power such as in Ancient Rome as the lobbyists love to continually remind us in their justifications. 

Of course, Rome collapsed from within because of moral corruption and so it makes sense that those wealthy elites at the top would be practisers or homosexuality, which becomes prominent only among wealth and excess as in the West today. After all, what good is unnatural anal sex to millennia of farmers and shepherd working from dusk until dawn who rely upon the trade help of their sons? Anal sex begets no children and unlike the West today, children were actually desirable throughout most of history.

The only place homosexuality has ever found social acceptance is in a society that has lots of money and free time on its hands, a society of excess and license leading towards moral corruption. The old saying about “idle hands” means something. 

All of these little factors add up to the big picture which says that the contemporary West is the only people in history so out of touch with reality as to try and normalise homosexuality.

That is how a whole generation of people who are self absorbed with money and time to waste find themselves not only accepting the sexual perversion of homosexuality but exulting it as though to have anal sex with other men is some sort of national heroics. Make no mistake, homosexuality was historically always about the sexual act and no amount of historical revision or double speak can disguise that, even if a generation of young people are indoctrinated into shallow catchphrases like “same love” and “born that way”.

And the indoctrination is hard and fast these day, with people “coming out” as homosexual not only to applause and celebration but even to Presidential calls from Obama.

Seriously, basketballer Jason Collins tells people he is a homosexual and POTUS Obama rings him up to congratulate him!

This is the kind of thing that should be slamming bells in people’s heads and it should prompt some serious questions, which include but are not limited to:

  • Why is it that homosexuality needs to be announced in the first place?
  • Why does homosexuality need to be paraded in Mardi Gras?
  • Why is homosexuality an exciting quality that the media needs to cover?
  • What is is about homosexuality that would make the President of the United States call you up to congratulate you when you announce it?

The great irony is that a large portion of the anti-bullying programs pushed into schools these days are centred entirely on homosexuality and yet one of the biggest bullies out there in society is the homosexual lobby and those who demand that we accept homosexuality as healthy and normal.

Another great irony is that where homosexuality is most accepted, in places like San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Sydney, it is also most paraded and glorified. Consider how the homosexual lobbyists love to proclaim that their fight for “rights” is exactly the same as that fought by African Americans. When African Americans marched for and achieved equality, they didn’t keep on marching so what exactly are the homosexuals still marching for? What do their parades achieve? Why are there no “black pride” parades around today?

Yes, homosexuality is very self absorbed because sin of any kind is always self-serving and self-centred.

It’s very much a minority perversion that not long ago no one accepted. 

Being a tactic of the Marxist ideologues to corrode the Western family unit, it only had the option of brutal force or deceptive subversion. Since the Marxists abandoned revolution as their primary means of gaining power a while back, it makes sense that subversion was the way forward for a long time but once again like all totalitarians ideologies, once its power base is established, brute force is gradually increased until the promised “utopia” is forced upon everyone left living.

Now, we get news headlines like former Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe announcing that he is a homosexual to interviewers with the stature of David Parkinson.

With everything that is going on in the world today, announcing that you are a homosexual is headline news?!

Of course, Ian Thorpe also has a history with drugs and depression but this has nothing to do with homosexuality. 

No, this is apparently caused purely by all the “homophobes” out there who bully homosexuals into hiding…in cities like Sydney, Amsterdam, and San Francisco…or into Hollywood and the mainstream media that not only affirms and glorifies homosexuality but condemns anyone who says anything that sounds like disagreement.

Is it really so hard for homosexuals when everyone in media supports them and world famous cities hold massive parades where you can stand pretty much naked on a float in front of onlookers, children included, as you’re towed through the city?

This really highlights the point I am making about the spirit behind homosexuality: it’s a pride-filled show pony.

Homosexuality is like a spoilt child screaming on the floor of a shopping centre demanding to get what it wants next. Homosexuality sulks and laments the unfairness of it all, demanding that everyone give it what it deserves!

Homosexuality goes on television to announce itself and is heralded as “courageous” by national broadcasters and news services.

Homosexuality gets called up by “the leader of the free world”: the President of the United States.

Homosexuality will get your attention or it will use everything in its power to silence you, malign your name, and publicly humiliate you with ad hominems like “homophobe” and “intolerant”.

It’s a troubling picture.

Remember that kid in school who always wanted people attention? They would bully their way into conversations, into groups of friends, into popularity, all the way to where they wanted to be: on top! They were often charismatic and loud and bold and funny and would always cause a scene, often leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

That’s homosexuality. It’s the class bully, magnified and multiplied within social, ideological and cultural forces.

Like the class bully, if people liked homosexuality for who it was, it wouldn’t have to do any of the bullying that it does.

But people don’t like homosexuality and that makes sense. When you get past the idea of two men kissing, you have to actually consider that two men having anal sex is actually a disgusting misuse of human anatomy. It’s unclean and unhygienic. And you will find, if you bring it up, that people don’t want to talk about it because they much prefer all the stereotypes that anal sex wraps itself in; the charisma, the loudness, the boldness, the cheekiness, and the humour.

They don’t want to know what the bully is really like: disgusting, self loathing, and enslaved.

People want to pretend like homosexuality is a person: a loveable and goofy friend who deserves respect. Well, there’s a personal profile of it and its not pretty.

For those of us who deal in truth, we know that a person is not defined by their sexuality. Instead, they are made in the image of God and anal sex neither honours God nor the design of the human body.

All people who have homosexual “sex” are committing a dangerous act that endangers their lives.

More powerful than this though is that their lives are precious to God.

A sinner like myself can certainly empathise with Ian Thorpe, especially given that I to was an openly rebellious sexual sinner once and even now I sometimes struggle against sexual temptations. I really do understand. 

But Ian Thrope is to be pitied and prayed for, not encouraged into a lifestyle that will only lead to death. Love does not encourage someone into AIDS, drugs, depression, and suicide. It encourages people towards Jesus Christ. Like the rest of us, his salvation is found in Messiah Jesus alone.

But there is always the homosexual lobby and their useful idiots looking to bait and guilt people into accepting the acts of homosexuals as normal and healthy, while condemning anyone who challenges them.

Don’t be deceived by their forceful rise: homosexuality may be enjoying some airtime but I assure you in the scheme of things, it is on its last legs.


Feel free to discuss.

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